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House of Peroni Infusions Masterclass

House of Peroni Infusions Masterclass

Peroni Infusions Lemon Beer Cocktail

I’ve always rather liked Peroni. It’s the beer you order when you’re feeling fancy, and definitely more impressive to order on a date than a pint of flat Carlsberg. And, obviously, it’s actually bloody tasty.

Last week I ventured South Of The River to Clapham (something I need to do more, as Clapham is QUITE LOVELY) for a Peroni Infusions Masterclass at No32 Old Town bar, about a minute’s walk from Clapham Common station. It’s a lovely little venue, with simple walls, tiles and furnishing embellished with pretty little touches. Looking out over the Common, it’d definitely be somewhere I’d see myself on a sunny day. They also brought us out some quite fantastic canapes to go with our cocktails. Yep, I’m a fan.

No32 bar Clapham canapes

For the session, we made up two cocktails using Peroni Nastro Azzuro. Beer’s never really struck me as something you’d put into your cocktail, but both cocktails were surprisingly tasty and refreshing. To me, lager can sometimes feel like a quite ‘heavy’ drink, so the infusions are a perfect way to mix your beer drinking up a bit for summer. Thankfully, Peroni’s (excellently dressed) global ambassador Federico Riezzo was around to take us through the super-simple cocktail recipes.

Peroni Masterclass

We also found out a bit about Peroni from Federico – and it’s aim to be the best Italian beer in the business. I reckon they’re doing a pretty good job of that. Rather than going down the same route as a lot of lagers do and sponsoring sports and music, Peroni are geared more towards fashion and design collaborations. And that’s exactly what The House of Peroni is all about.

Both cocktails we made were favourites from previous years at The House of Peroni – and after tasting them, I could definitely see why…

Peroni Infusions Aperol Spritz

The first cocktail we created was a Peroni Spritz – a beery take on the traditional Aperol Spritz. Quite honestly, I forgot that we’d put beer in it – it was really light, fruity and had a great mix of sweetness with sour notes from the Aperol. Here’s how to make it yourself…

Take 35ml of Aperol Spritz and 50ml of fresh pink grapefruit juice and pop ’em into a large wine glass. Add 30ml of prosecco, then top up to about two thirds full with your Peroni Nastro Azzuro. Fill the rest of the glass with ice and garnish with a wedge of grapefruit. Simple as heck. And you can adjust the quantities based on the size of your glass if needed.

Peroni Infusions Limoncello Cocktail

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The second cocktail of the night, and my favourite of the two, was the Peroni Limoni – really lemony, refreshing and the perfect summertime drink for sipping on while you’re sitting outdoors.

Pour 50ml of limoncello and 10ml of (ideally freshly squeezed) lemon juice into a tall glass. Take a sprig of mint and remove all but the top leaves – rip them up and sprinkle into your lemony mix. Top to around two thirds full with Peroni Nastro Azzuro, and fill the glass with ice. Using a long mixing spoon (or, y’know, a general long spoon/whatever you can find in the kitchen), give it a gentle stir to make the mint look all pretty. Finally, top with a wedge of lemon and the top of the mint sprig. Enjoy, and send one my way please.

Peroni Infusions Masterclass

This summer, The House of Peroni will be setting up its residency at Proud East in Haggerston. Taking place from 19th May to 1st July, the theme is ‘For The Love Of Italy’, and there’ll be plenty of food, drink and stylish experiences to discover. Oh, and it’s FREE to get in. So it’d be rude to NOT go, right?

*I was invited to the masterclass with no obligation to write about it. But I did anyway, cause it was FUN.