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Review | Dirty Bones, Carnaby Street

Review | Dirty Bones, Carnaby Street

Dirty Bones London Chicken Waffle

Chicken and waffles is my new fave plate. Initially, the idea of sweet and savoury combo confused me a lot because I generally don’t like to combine. No cranberry sauce on this girl’s Christmas turkey, ta. But visits to Q Grill and Bird have completely won me over, and I’m now all about stuffing my face with ridiculously unhealthy chicken-y waffle-y maple syrup laden goodness.

Last Thursday, some of the Bangarang ladies headed to Dirty Bones on Carnaby Street to say Bon Voyage to the amazing Charlie, who’s heading off to live the dream and travel the world a bit. *sniff* (but I’m already so hyped for the pictures!). Dirty Bones has always been a ‘to do’ restaurant, and the combination of tasty food, cocktails and the best kinda company had me excited from the moment I got out of bed. After working until 3am the night before. Events life.

Dirty Bones London Carnaby StreetDirty Bones London Cocktails

From 5-7pm at Dirty Bones, two of my favourite words come into play. HAPPY HOUR. Ohh yes. All cocktails are just a fiver each, and when I arrived at around half six I ordered up two for good measure. Because #thirstythursday. On the left, I had the Littlest Hobo – made with Bombay Sapphire gin, passion fruit syrup, Wyld Wood cider and lemon. Definitely my favourite of the two, it was fruity and refreshing.

I also had the Djinn Djinn – with more Bombay Sapphire Gin (yes, I like gin), Martini Rosso, fresh grapefruit, raspberries, cucumber and Ting. (Ting as in this drink, not trying to be down with the kids ‘and ting’). It was quite nice, but the cucumber was really overpowering. So if you don’t like cucumber, this ain’t one for you.

Dirty Bones London Hot DogDirty Bones Soho Chicken and Waffles

I didn’t actually get a hot dog, but they looked awesome. And I’m totally trying one next time. Instead, after taking drool-worthy pictures for work of our new chicken and waffle burger, I gave in to temptation (very easily) and ordered the chicken and waffles. The (slow-cooked) chicken was really tender and tasty, with a nice crisp coating – and the waffles were well cooked. I probably could have done with a liiiittle bit more maple syrup, but that’s just me being a big-time lover of the sweet stuff.

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I’d say Dirty Bones’ chicken and waffles were better than Q Grill’s, but not quite as good as Bird’s. Which is kinda fair, as Bird specialises in chicken, whereas Dirty Bones also have some amazing looking burgers, hot dogs and BRUNCH. As well as my main, I also tried out Katy’s mac’n’cheese, which was REALLY rich, creamy and cheesy; and some chilli fries. As in, they had actual chillis on them. Tasty.

I definitely want to delve a bit more into their menu, as it all sounds and looks pretty epic. The only negatives of the night was that one person’s chicken was undercooked, and a REALLY slow service for some of the cocktails. For £20 for dinner and two cocktails, it’s an affordable place to eat. As long as you’re not on a diet, anyway…