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Life | Things I’ve Loved This Week

Life | Things I’ve Loved This Week

Lab Bar Cocktails

1 | Cocktails at LAB Bar

On Friday night, I ventured with some newfound friends from the Yelp Elite night I went to (more on that to come!) for some post-event cocktails at LAB bar in Soho. I don’t really go for cocktails much as *opens wallet, moths fly out* but I figured what the hell, it’s almost payday and I can eat beans on toast for a while.

LAB’s menu is insane. SO MANY CHOICES. I think I spent most of my time there just reading through them all! I loved how each page of cocktails had a theme – Star Wars, Batman…in the end, I opted for a BubbleJack. JD, vanilla schnapps, bubblegum sauce, LAB vanilla sugar and lemonade. IT WAS DELICIOUS. Pretty strong too!

Joe Deluccis Gelato

2 | Gelato Treats

Ice cream is love. Joe Delucci’s were lovely enough to send me a couple of their flavours to try out this week, and boy was I impressed. They turned up to my work in a box of dry ice (good job I have access to a freezer eh?) and I tucked into them pretty much as soon as I arrived home that night.

AND THEY ARE SO DAMN GOOD. The Hazelnut and Chocolate one tastes like Nutella, and the Coconut is basically like the inside of a Bounty in ICE CREAM FORM. And it’s proper, Italian style gelato too, with no artificial preservatives or genetically modified ingredients. These have legit taken over from my beloved Ben and Jerry’s Phish Food as my fave treat ice cream and they’re about the same price. I genuinely can’t put into words how fab they are, so you definitely need to go out and try them for yourself.

At the moment, you can only get the Hazelnut and Chocolate from one of their parlours (there’s one in Westfield Stratford. Two stops on the tube. OH HOW CONVENIENT), but you can grab the Coconut gelato with the rest of your weekly shop from Tesco. Which I’ll definitely be doing.

Bubbleology Bubble Tea

3 | Bubble Tea, Burritos & Bright Hair

On Thursday night I went to my very first Yelp event with Erica, hosted at Not Another Salon . Despite the event being ridiculously packed, there were some great things on offer from local businesses. I really, really like bubble tea and the Bubbleology gang were there serving up their best offerings. So colourful too!

The salon itself was such a fun, bright place – with loads of vibrant hair to be seen, including wigs. Unfortunately I didn’t get to try one myself, but they looked amazing on everyone else. I also slurped on some coffee-infused-rum White Russians courtesy of One Point Eight, and chowed down on a tasty burrito from Chipotle. We managed to find the ‘secret’ seventies room in the salon and escaped the crowds for a sit down to eat – as well as marvelling at the retro decor and accessories.

London National Gallery

4 | London by night

See Also

These pics were actually taken last Sunday when I went to the Chinese New Year celebrations in Trafalgar Square – but particularly relevant to how I’ve been feeling about night time London recently.

This city just has such an amazing night time buzz. I rarely wander into central, but have been about a few evenings lately and I just love the feeling on the busy streets – especially on a Friday or Saturday night. The whole place just seems to come alive in a way I’ve not known any other city to, like there’s something in the air and a magical night could be just ahead of you.

Of course, it’ll probably end up with you queuing for 20 minutes in the Montagu Pyke for a flat Carlsberg, being hounded by flower sellers and heading home early via McDs. But that feeling? Still unbeatable.

Plus also, v. Instagrammable. *thumbs up emoji*

Trafalgar Square at Night