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Review | Moules, Frites and Treats, Belgo Holborn

Review | Moules, Frites and Treats, Belgo Holborn

Belgo Holborn Mussels

With promise of food, drinks and the chance to check out their newly refurbished venue, I obviously couldn’t say no to a trip to Belgo Holborn. Offering up moules, frites and Belgian beers aplenty (yum), Belgo have five restaurants across London – including the Holborn branch, located a short walk from the lights of the West End. The staff were really welcoming, and the whole beerhouse vibe with great decor immediately made me feel pretty excited about the evening ahead of us.

Belgo Fruli Cocktail

We were greeted with a cocktail, which is the way I’d like to be greeted when heading pretty much anywhere. But these cocktails were a bit special. Belgo’s Fruli Mojitos are created with, yep, you guessed it, Fruli beer. I absolutely love sipping on a berry-based beer, and Fruli’s an old fave from when the pub opposite my University used to have the stuff on tap. I was basically drunk on strawberries A LOT back then.

The Fruli definitely worked really well with the rum and I could definitely sink plenty of these with a big ol’ smile on my face. We also got to sample some Belgian beers, and I kept the berry drinks flowing with some Delirium Red, which was really very good. The Belgo gang also gave us some fun elephant temporary tatts, which we had a lot of fun with (and I totally didn’t try and pass it off as a real one, nope.)

Belgo Holborn Menu StartersBelgo Holborn Restaurant Starters

As much as I like beer, I also like food. And we got plenty of that too.

I’m a huge supporter of pâté as something I like to eat a lot, and Belgo’s is classic, yummy Brussels, served on crunchy crostinis topped off with beer jelly. Brilliant. We also got a taste of their mains – some tender beef with a stick of crunchy asparagus, and lobster with garlic butter. I’ve actually never had lobster before (I know), but it was actually REALLY GOOD.

Before my trip to Belgo, I’d never actually eaten mussels. aka MOULES. Other than prawns (and we all know how I feel about shelling those little buggers), shellfish has never been a thing that’s particularly on my radar. Unless I’m making puns about not sharing it. Like, ‘being shellfish’…get it?…no…anyway…Belgo’s moules were LOVELY.

One pot was served ‘traditionelle’, with a garlic, celery and white wine sauce; and the other was a bit more adventurous – green chilli, ginger, garlic and lemongrass finished with coriander. I felt the former was a good introduction to the world of mussels, and the latter tasted great – a good kick without being blow-your-face-off spicy.

For £13.50, you get a plate of moules, sauce and either double cooked frites or a mixed salad. The fries were really good, and you don’t make friends with salad – so your side choice is basically a no-brainer. (Sorry salad, I do like you really. I just like chips better.)

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Belgo Holborn Belgian Waffle Dessert

To finish off, we had some little tasters of their Belgian Waffle desserts. Really, as if it’d be anything else, eh? I love a tasty authentic Belgian waffle and these were top-notch – the dark chocolate sauce in particular hit me in the very best of taste places. Totally wanted to gorge myself on a whole one afterwards.

I absolutely LOVED the food and drink at Belgo, and the only issue I found was the music was a bit on the loud side (lol old lady). But the actual tunes were brilliant, I totally appreciates a bit of QOTSA and Feeder to go with my moules and frites. Genuinely, it’s really nice to actually hear music I like in a restaurant instead of elevator filler or the same old bland chart botherers.

Huge thanks to Belgo Holborn for having us – I’ll be back for more of that Fruli and moule-y (RHYME TIME) goodness ASAP!