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Life | Four Things I’ve Loved This Week

Life | Four Things I’ve Loved This Week

Pierre Herme Luxury French Macarons Selfridges

So I really enjoyed doing last week’s Four Things… post and got a lovely response to it (THANKS GUYS, YOU ROCK). So, here’s another one. About some lovely things that happened in the past week that made me do big smiles.

Luxury Macarons
Are macarons still a big blogger deal? I’m pretty sure at one point they were basically a total staple at blogger events, but I haven’t actually seen them pop up in a while. U ok macarons? Anyway, they still make for a hella good Instagram shot and if you get the right ones, they taste FAB. I popped over to the Clementine Comms press day this week, and experienced the wonderful luxury of Pierre Herme for chocs and macarons that are good enough to eat AND take cute photos of.

At the moment their online shop is a work in progress, but you can pick up some of their tasty treats in Selfridges (and accidentally fall into the beauty hall and buy a new lipstick or three, this is happening soon). They’re a bit pricey for my usual shopping habits, but for a luxurious pressie or just a weekend (or any day) treat because you TOTALLY deserve it, they’re quite fabulous.

As well as the macarons, they also had their chocolate range on display – in particular, their Japanese art inspired gift boxes by Nicolas Buffe. I really loved the designs and if someone wants to buy me a cute present (I hear that there Valentine’s Day business is occuring soon) I would totally dig a box of these. Just sayin’.

Art & Cake
Konditor and Cook London Bespoke Cakes Lumas Art Now Launch

Things I like include cake, feeling like a cultural expert (I am not), drinks and my friends. This week, they all came together. The majority of the Bangarang gang met up and headed to Lumas Gallery near Bond Street to look at some art. To be truthful, I’m not the most knowledgable about art (and I honestly didn’t try and make an F shape before the ‘Art’ balloons, honest). I mean, I like LOOKING at nice pictures, but I don’t know much about it.

However, I actually really liked the displays at Lumas. The evening was all about promoting their ‘Art Now’ launch – a range of postcard-sized snaps that can be collected or given as cute gifts. I love that they either look good alone, or teamed with some other pics from the collection to make a fun little art wall. The evening was also catered by London bespoke creators Konditor & Cook, and I loved the little designs on the cakes. SUPER CUTE.

We also got a little goody bag to take away including one of the prints. Obvs, I got my paws on The Cloned Kiss by David Eger – aka some smoochy Stormtroopers. Totally classier than my battered signed Wonder Years (the band) flyer that’s lived on my wall forever. I could definitely do this art collecting thing – and at £24 each, I can expand my art collecting horizons and still have enough for a bottle of Blossom Hill on the weekend.

Epic Presents
Eat Sleep Blog Repeat Jim Chapman Pencilcase Make Up Bag

Err, so, how perfect is this makeup bag? All it needs is ‘drink cocktails’ and ‘bounce around to pop punk’ and it’d basically be my life. Back in December, the Bangarang girls decided we were going to do a Secret Santa – but thanks to us all having RIDICULOUS schedules, pretty much all the time (it’s hard being this popular RIGHT?), we’re only getting round to doing the swapsies now.

Wrapped in paper covered in MY OWN FACE (thanks AJ), the amazing Charlie‘s present for me consisted of a neon skull lip balm (goth points, tick) and this AMAZING pencilcase/makeup bag. It’s by James and Friends, which I didn’t actually realise until later is a venture by Jim Chapman. Yeah, you might have heard of him. Anyway, he TOTALLY gets blogger-friendly stationery and I definitely want to fill my life with lots of J&F bits now (like this Notes to Selfie jotter). I really like that it’s not a BLATANTLY OBVIOUS blogger/YTer collab too – it reminds me of the Happy Jackson type stuff that I’m a huge fan of.

I’d genuinely been thinking about buying a new makeup bag for ages, as mine is currently a kinda grotty Vice 3 bag that probably needs a wash. So this couldn’t have come at a better time and it’s absolutely perfect. I love the neon orange, I love the design, I love Charlie and I love the Bangarang babes. ALL THAT LOVE.

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My First Pho
Pho Restaurant Spitalfield LondonPho Restaurant Spitalfield London

Back in December, I won some vouchers (of course I bloody did) for two free bowls of pho at any Pho restaurant in London, and last night we decided to make use of them.

We decided to splash out on some starters as I was properly HANGRY at this point after going to the pub. After not much deliberating (we know our faves), our picks were Mực chiên giòn (fried baby squid) (totally copied and pasted that from the Pho website. Don’t ask me how to pronounce it) and Cánh gà (seasoned crispy chicken wings with sriracha dip). And THEY WERE ACTUALLY AMAZING. The wings were perfectly seasoned and plenty meaty enough, and the squid was just wonderful – crispy coating and just the right amount of chewy.

The pho itself was bloody massive. I chose the Prawn pho with chicken broth, and it was lovely. I did struggle with eating it slightly until I had my technique in check, but the broth was full of flavour and the noodles cooked exactly as I like them. I didn’t actually finish my portion, but they let me take a pot of leftovers home for a late night post-wine bite. We didn’t pay for our pho thanks to the vouchers, but we ended up spending just over £24 on the two starters and our drinks, plus service. Which is a little pricey if you consider the pho prices as well but still SO ENTIRELY WORTH IT. Definitely gonna head back to Pho for more. PHO HELL YES.

What have you been loving this week?