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What I’ll Be Wearing In 2016

What I’ll Be Wearing In 2016

long sleeve floral top new look

As part of my big-time decluttering sessions during Mission House Move, I recently had a bit of a wardrobe overhaul. Anything that I either hadn’t worn in 12 months or didn’t have a special meaning to me was popped into bags and taken to my local Samaritans so someone else can hopefully get some wear out of them. Obviously, it was TOTALLY a perfect opportunity to add some new bits to hang in pride of place in my new wardrobe. Plus – January sales, rude not to, right? Anyway, during my clearout I had a bit of a think about the kind of things I actually LIKE wearing. Things that make me feel good, so I can shop a bit smarter and have a wardrobe full of things that make me happy.

Here are a couple of looks I’ll definitely be investing in this year…

Sassy Sleeves
new look floral sleeve dress

I’ve been pretty well-behaved this year when it comes to sale shopping, but I did hit up ever-faithful New Look to spend a voucher I got for Christmas. If there’s one shop that never lets me down, it’s NL. The one shop I can rely on to always have something I like – best for last-minute outfit panics at prices I can actually afford. At the moment, I’m going through a major SLEEVES phase, so I picked up not one, but TWO sleeve-y pieces. The top in the picture is my current favourite outfit in the world (I do have to wear it with a black tube skirt underneath so I’m not exposing EVERYTHING). It’s got florals AND sleeves. It’s absolute perfection and totally flattering. BEST. I also love the black floral dress I picked up – it’s a bit longer than I’d usually go for, but I the pattern and the sheer sleeves are total loveliness in clothing form.

Awesome Ankle Boots
primark fringed black boots

In other ‘things I’ve bought recently’ news – how awesome are these fringe-tastic boots? They were a tenner in Primark, and definitely look like they’d be more expensive. I’ve tried to move towards wearing more inventive shoes (including an ill-advised stiletto purchase that gave about seven minutes of walking like Beyonce until my feet decided to give up). But I always end up going back to classic ankle boots. Black ones in particular are a total staple and I have quite a few pairs already, but I’m totally happy with upping my boot ownership even more if they’re something that’s a bit different. Detail like the fringing on these boots is a subtle but easy way to jazz up a basic outfit – so I’m on the lookout for more boots to work their way into my wardrobe during 2016.

Fun Fabrics
ax paris cute dress

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This year I definitely want to branch out from basic colours and pick up more fun patterned pieces – like this Metallic Floral Skater Dress from AX Paris. A part of me loves wearing dark colours and they’re quite fitting with my style – but at the same time, it can be fun to wear something that stands out a bit, that people comment on. Because it makes you feel fabulous, which is something I want to feel more in 2016. Aaand, on a note other than how epic the pattern is, I’m also loving on the fit – it makes my waist look AMAZING. Amazing how a great outfit can just make you feel so much better about yourself, eh?

What are your top style ideas for this year? Bought anything amazing in the sales?