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Moving House, London Lights & Desserts

Moving House, London Lights & Desserts

hawksmoor dessert black forest pavlova

This handy little post serves a dual purpose of a) catching y’all up on my life developments and why I’ve been absent from the blog for the past week or so and b) the opportunity to brag about the amazing desserts we had recently and share some particularly foodporn-y pics. Yep, you’re welcome.

Pretty much the big thing that’s is MOVING HOUSE. We’re now all settled into our new flat and it already feels like home. Even though the dining room’s a bit cold and we still don’t know where the bins go. It’s nice to have a place that’s actually ours – where we can sit in the living room and eat dinner with the TV on instead of tucking ourselves away in my bedroom. And, obviously, dance around the house naked. Yup. I did the Hugh-Grant-in-Love-Actually shuffle, to be precise. I have put up a bookcase, cooked some dinners and realised there are shelves I can’t reach so need to pop out and buy a little step so I can reach the wine glasses. I feel like LIFE is happening right now.

Before moving, I had one last North West London hurrah when we went to The Priory Tavern for my housemate Sheena’s birthday. I absolutely love The Priory. Even if it’s not your local, it feels like it is. I had a tasty burger with disproportionately amazing coleslaw, a Floradora cocktail (v. refreshing!) and a few on-the-house shots of Makers Mark from the super-friendly bar staff. After a great night catching up with old faces and meeting some new ones we headed home for Chicken Cottage and Cards Against Humanity. Drinking before a day of moving prooobably wasn’t the best idea…but I also managed to avoid having a hangover the next day somehow. I am a DRINKING WIZARD.

lumiere london piccadilly

Other than moving stuff and avoiding screaming children in the Leytonstone Matalan, it’s been pretty quiet for me recently. Apart from food-based activities. As well as having dinner at Heddon Street Kitchen last Sunday (which you’ll hear more about very soon!), we also took our hungry (not-so) little bellies over to Hawksmoor for dessert as part of my competition win for an evening based around Lumiere London.

Lumiere London itself…to be honest, I didn’t see much of it. I had my brand new big girl boots on and a big ol’ blister on my toe and just got a bit stressy with all the crowds really. And that bloody noisy elephant one. What I did see was rather impressive and highly Instagrammable – although I was kinda too busy navigating myself to the foodie stops to post any of the lights on social media. Terrible millenial. I did take one or two pics though, and probably would have liked to have seen more of Lumiere. With more sensible shoes on.

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hawksmoor dessert peanut butter shortbread

ANYWAY, going back to the desserts, I seriously haven’t had anything quite so amazing, like, ever. Heading into Hawksmoor (next time, we’re there for the steak) felt fancy enough, but when we were presented with the megaplates of sweet, sweet goodness I basically felt like this needs to be my life every evening of the week please. I had the Black Forest Pavlova, and Conor had the Peanut Butter Shortbread with Salted Caramel Ice Cream. They were both impossibly tasty, the Pavlova was just a huge heap of fruity chocolate-y loveliness. I’ve decided standalone desserts need to be a regular treat in my life. Where to next?