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Picking Out My First Christmas Tree Decorations

Picking Out My First Christmas Tree Decorations

Matalan cheap Christmas decorations

Alright, alright. I know it’s a bit early. But this year, I’ve decided to actually get a bit organised for that there Santaseason, rather than having my usual frantic dash to get all my bits and bobs sorted two days before Christmas and inevitably having some kind of breakdown in the gift sets aisle at Boots.

This year, I’ve decided I’m going to have a tree and an amazing set of Christmas tree decorations IN MY BEDROOM. Because a) we can’t fit a tree in the living room anyway, and b) I want to wake up every day in December and do a little festive smile and leave the house brimming with Christmas cheer. Is that really too much to ask?! Clearly not for the lovely folks at Matalan, wh0’ve been absolutely amazing and sent me over a tree and some decorations. I love them quite a lot right now.

Although I’ve had mini trees before and bought some cheapy ones from poundshops when I was at Uni, this is my first proper tree of my own. One that I’ll actually put away safely, and bring out for years to come. Some of you might be in the same boat – perhaps you’ve moved away from home for the first time, or have a new flat with your man/ladyfriend and want to get all festive.

Matalan cheap Christmas decorations Nutcracker tree

The idea of choosing my own decorations that I’ll love year on year is a really ADULT-SEEMING process – and quite honestly, despite wanting stuff that would last, most of us probably have budgets to spend on things that only come out for a month of the year. Which is why I’m glad Matalan have a huge selection of excellent quality but still cheap Christmas decorations that will suit all budgets and tastes.

There are various Matalan ranges to choose your christmas tree decorations from – including Frosted Rose (sparkles, pastels and glam), Kids Grotto (great for the parents among you) and the range that I’ve picked up my decs from, Heritage – which features lots of style touches that are completely relevant to all my interests. Red? Check. Silver stag’s head? Check. Checks? Check.

When it comes to baubles, I think simple’s the way forward – they’re good for filling up space so I didn’t want them to be too overpowering. Plus, y’all know I love a good check so this six pack bauble set* was a bit of a no brainer – they work out to just a quid per bauble which is excellent, value-wise. To complement the bigger baubles and add some depth, I went for a ten pack of Mini Glass Baubles* (£4), great for either hanging from the tree individually or stringing together to be hung…well, anywhere really!

Matalan cheap Christmas tree decorations Robin

Nutcrackers are always a fun decoration to have, and I picked out two packs of these Mini Nutcracker Tree Decorations*, just £4 for three. Finally, I wanted to set some ‘feature pieces’ of a few larger decorations around the tree – including this super cute and handmade-looking Christmas Robin Tree Decoration*, which is just £3!

BTW, the tree itself is one of their £35 ones and it’s pretty impressive – sturdy, doesn’t shed too much, and its easy to move the branches around into position. For couples (or singles) looking for their first ever tree, or young families looking to treat themselves, it’s a great choice.

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Although the full decorating won’t be happening until December (the first, because I’m a proper festive keen bean obviously), it’s really nice to have made a start in getting things together. Matalan definitely spoilt me with their decorations, and I can’t wait to add to them and build my perfect tree in the run up to December 25th!

Matalan cheap Christmas tree decorations bauble

Do you have your own tree and decorations?

*Tree and decorations provided by Matalan. Festive spirit? Allll mine baby.