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Review | Grillshack, Soho – Beers & Burgers

Review | Grillshack, Soho – Beers & Burgers

Grillshack Soho London diner burgers blog review

I actually went to Soho’s Grillshack at the end of October, after my visit to the Bubble Witch 2 party – despite there being pretty pretty canapes and cocktails, we found ourselves yearning for something a little more substantial, and actually headed into Grillshack on a whim. We waited around five minutes to be seated, which I was quite impressed with considering it was a Friday night.

As you can see, they went all-out with the Halloween decor! Grillshack has more seating space than your eyes would initially be led to believe, with tables both upstairs and in the deceptively hidden downstairs area, where we were seated. Drinks were ordered, and I went with my classic choice of Camden Hells! The drink menu isn’t excessive, but it’s definitely well curated (do you ‘curate’ a drinks menu? Y’know what I mean anyway…)

Grillshack Soho - London casual diner serving burgers

The most prominent part of the menu was the foodstuff that seems to have taken London by storm over the past year or so – the humble yet ever-reliable burger. I’m actually not as burger experienced as some might expect – they’re actually rarely on my mind when I’m working out what I’d like to stuff my face with (pizza’s usually the winner on that one).

I went for the Shack Attack burger – a beef patty, Monterey Jack cheese, bacon, salad and mayo. Keeping it pretty classic, really. All burgers also come with a (pretty generous) portion of fries, which wins brownie points from me as I hate having to add on another three quid just to up my carb intake.

Grillshack’s burgers are certainly a good size and very meaty and juicy, with the wide beefy patty spreading out beyond the confines of the soft brioche bun, and served up in a new-cool enamel bowl that reminded me of my Scout camp days. The lettuce was crisp and fresh tasting, and the cheese and bacon complemented the patty rather than overpowering it. The chips were enjoyable too – probably not the most memorable I’ve had, but they were tasty enough and went down well – even if they could have been a little crispier for my liking.

Grillshack Soho - London casual diner serving burgers

I stuck to just the burger and chips but there are also plenty of sides for the bigger appetite – I did almost order a side of the buttermilk onion rings as they sounded pretty tasty. From the non-burger side of the menu, the Chilli Mac & Cheese also sounded like something I’ll be going back to try out another day.

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Coming in at under £15 for my main and drink, I’d say Grillshack is pretty good value, definitely on a par with similar burger places in the area if not slightly cheaper (although it would have been pricier if I’d gone for burgers with toppings). The menu is definitely a well-selected affair with a great choice of options, and it’s definitely the kind of place that would be perfect to refuel at during a hard day of city shopping. And, if you come in the daytime, you can take up their ‘Beat the Clock’ offer – with burgers at just £4 from 4-5 or £5 from 5-6. TOTAL BARGAIN.

Are you a burger fan? Tell me your fave burger joints!

Grillshack Soho Beat The Clock cheap burgers in London