Six Super-Useful Apps for Londoners

useful smartphone apps for london

Other than Twitter and Instagram, obviously.

1 | Citymapper
Part TFL journey planner, part Google Maps, Citymapper works out the quickest way to make your journey using public transport, a bike or your own two feet (wearing skyscraper heels? Pick the first one. Trust me.). As well as just showing you HOW to get there, it also gives directions as you go like SatNav for your feet, and also connects with Uber to give an estimated journey time and price.

It actually took me a while in London to discover Citymapper but now I use it every time I have no clue where I’m going (which is a lot). I have my home and work locations set so I can click one button and it’ll send me to either AND gives me directions and information for the nearest train stations and bus stops.

So if I tell you I ‘got lost’ on the way to meet you, either my phone’s dead or I spent more time than necessary on my hair that morning…

2 | Zomato
Zomato is a pretty new discovery for me, but ever since I’ve been developing my foodie ways (aka EAT ALL THE THINGS) it’s been mega helpful in deciding where to eat. Recently, I downloaded their handy app too. If you’ve ever been out and about and decided to go for dinner, had no clue where to go and found yourself hopelessly googling ‘places to eat Oxford Circus’ the Zomato app will be a lifesaver.

As well as being a social community for food lovers to share their experiences, you can also search for restaurants near to you (or in a specific area), filtered by cuisine type, price and dietary requirements.

3 | YPlan
I first discovered YPlan when I got myself free credit and went to see Ghost Stories. By myself. Cause I ain’t afraid of no ghosts (apart from when I walked home down my quiet street after and a cat made me jump).

There’s so much COOL STUFF going on in London at times, it’s tough to know what’s quality and what’s going to bore your face off – which is where YPlan’s curated events come in. Handpicked by the YPlan team, they offer best price guarantees for some of the hottest events and experiences in London, aimed at spontaneous fun-hunters with loads to do today, tomorrow and this weekend – as well as further ahead too.

(BTW, if you want £5 credit, you can use my code MILLYYOUNG, and I’ll get a handy two quid when you book something. Ta in advance guys!)

4 | Frugl
If, like me, you’re forever trying to live the much-lauded champagne lifestyle on more of a Lambrini budget (the peach is actually kinda nice though), Frugl is totally your app.

Everything listed costs under £10 (not always including extra costs like drinks, etc) and there are loads of free events on there too. You can sort listings by price and type, with everything from fashion and free haircuts to film showings and classes and courses listed.

5 | Uber
Despite sometimes feeling guilty that I’m taking away trade from London’s black cabbies, Uber is a highly user-friendly way to get a relatively cheap taxi pretty much immediately in the city. Unless you’re unlucky enough to catch surge pricing, which totally sucks.

Before, I would never have used a cab in London. No matter how late, how tired or how much my feet felt like I was walking on burning coals from spending 12 hours working on my feet, it just wasn’t an affordable option. And despite the controversy surrounding trade taken away from London cabbies and fears over regulation of drivers, I’ve always had nothing great experiences using Uber.

Honestly? I do feel some guilt at taking trade from hard-working Londoners who offer a brilliant service in black cabs – but at the same time, I’m also a hard-working (faux) Londoner with not much cash to spare. So on the rare occasion I do get a taxi, I’ll use Uber.

(P.S if you want a free tenner – I get one too – my code’s ch1u5!)

6 | Drinki 
Like drinks? Like FREE drinks? (of course you do). In return for a Facebook check-in, you can get yourself a free drink from loads of bars across the city. A great way to make your night a bit cheaper AND discover new watering holes in London (as well as Manchester and Liverpool, both places I thoroughly recommend for an ace night out).

Previously, the app was for women only which was a bit pants (especially if you’re out and about with a boyfriend or some male pals) – but it’s now been rebranded and updated so that anyone who uses Facebook and has the app can get their free drink too!

What are your essential apps for where you live?

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