Eat, Drink & Sing: The Pianoworks

The Pianoworks Farringdon Bar & Restaurant
The Pianoworks Farringdon Bar & Restaurant

I rather like food. And I rather like music. Therefore, The Pianoworks in Farringdon is a place highly relevant to my interests. Thanks to Sarah at The Prosecco Diaries (for a fab competition) and also The Human League (for being my winning song suggestion), I got to experience a meal and some cocktails there – and it was definitely a fun one.

Situated in a cool underground space just up the road from Farringdon station, The Pianoworks takes the good old ‘knees up round the piano’ to new heights, with in-house pianists (and, if you’re lucky, a full band as the night goes on) to accompany their food and drinks. Just, don’t get those knees up TOO high, unless you like your food flying and your drinks dripping down your face. Health and safety, people. Anyway, the best part is yet to come – for a modest tip, you can write any song you like on a napkin and the super talented keymasters will have a go at it for you. We decided to give them a bit of a challenge, and requested Metallica’s Enter Sandman. And they ACTUALLY DID IT. NIGHT MADE (unfortunately we left before finding out whether they’d also be able to master TLC’s No Scrubs).

The Pianoworks Farringdon Piano Bar & Restaurant

The Pianoworks Farringdon Piano Bar & Restaurant Food
The Pianoworks Farringdon Piano Bar & Restaurant Food

The Pianoworks Menu is pretty simple – Filled Rolls or Not, with a selection of steaks and patties either served in between some bread (filled rolls), or with salad (or not). I went for the prawn ‘or Not’ roll in my endeavour to branch out with my restaurant food choices, and really enjoyed it. The consistency was great – solid enough to stay together on the plate, but fell apart perfectly in my mouth. Worked really well with the spicy BBQ sauce too.

Unfortunately, the dressing really wasn’t to my taste at all so I was unable to eat the salad – very citrus-based, for me it just didn’t work with the salad. On another visit, I’ll probably be opting for the roll-based option instead. However, the paprika salted chips were really tasty to make up for it – who needs healthy sides anyway?

Although we balked at the cost of a couple of gins (£10.80 each for a double is probably run of the mill for some central London drinkers, but we’re stingy/regularly skint), generally most prices are reasonable if you’re looking to spend a bit more on a night out that’s a bit special and different. Even if you’re not eating, it’d make a great evening out for an unusual first date or a group of friends who love a singalong. I’d definitely head back for another visit – but next time? I’ll be requesting Slayer…

*I received a complimentary meal and cocktails for two as a competition winner, with no expectation of review.

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