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Weekend Wishlist 25.07.15 – H&M Home

Weekend Wishlist 25.07.15 – H&M Home

H&M Homeware inspiration wishlist

The other night I came to the realisation that I haven’t done a Weekend Wishlist in bloody ages – and
they’re something I actually really enjoy putting together. Basically, it’s window shopping WITH A PURPOSE. Sometimes, it results in me doing ACTUAL SHOPPING without much purpose too. It’s something I’m going to get back into the swing of again, and after getting slightly caught up with obsessing over interior blogs, I decided to dedicate a whole post to H&M’s gorgeous home section.

When it comes to homewares, I don’t really buy into a million useless knick-knacks that serve no purpose other than making your room look like a Pinterest photo (when it’s tidy, anyway). Ever since the days of my mum telling me off for bringing home yet another cuddly toy from the car boot, I’ve grown to appreciate decorative things that are also actually USEFUL. Despite having a ratty old laundry bag, a lot of my dirty clothes seem to find themselves chilling in my floordrobe pile, so I’m hoping a super snazzy new laundry bag would inspire me to actually put them in the right place.

I could probably buy myself new bedding every week, as there’s no feeling as good as brand new sheets, and I love this grey double duvet set. I have a lot of love for jacquard style patterns, and teamed with a cosy woven blanket, they create the perfect bedtime vibes.

One thing I do like to have in my room is candles, although I rarely buy super expensive ones as it’s just as much about the look as the smell for me. That’s why I love this glass candle stick – I can pop an inexpensive long candle into it and it immediately looks like a more expensive one! And okay, I do love a good scented candle too – Garden Rain just sounds beautiful and a great antidote to my sweaty, overheated room in the summer.

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Finally – I have rather a lot of what I affectionately refer to as ‘stuff’ floating around my room, so storage is a bit of a priority to stop things looking messy and cluttered. Enter the H&M Metal Box, which would be super useful for putting all kinds of knick-knacks in – from makeup to general odds and ends. And as I have quite a lot of floor space in my room, a fun cotton rug could definitely be a way of brightening up my dingy, rented house carpet.

Where do you like to shop for homewares?