Overnight Oats – Vanilla & Strawberry

Healthy Breakfast Overnight Oats Vanilla Strawberry Recipe
Healthy Breakfast Overnight Oats Vanilla Strawberry Recipe

Weekday breakfasts are one of the hardest meals for me – I don’t get up early enough to make myself anything more than a pretty unfulfilling slice of toast, and there are limited options for breakfast-al-desko that aren’t either super-dull or ridiculously unhealthy. However, when I discovered the insanely simple Overnight Oats recipe, it completely changed how I see morning munching. Great for those in a rush as it takes about five minutes to prepare the night before, it’s a healthy breakfast that tastes amazing, keeps you full until lunchtime AND looks appetizing as heck!

35g plain porridge oats
1 pot of MullerLight Vanilla Sprinkled with Dark Chocolate (or similar)
Chopped fruit – I opted for strawberries and banana, but you could use anything you like

Making up your overnight oats is ridiculously simple. Take a jar (I just used a medium-sized one we had in the kitchen), and layer your oats, yoghurt and fruit on top of each other – then simply pop them in the fridge overnight. During this time, the oats absorb the yoghurt and the fruit infuses itself into the mixture. Then when you’re ready to tuck in the next morning, just stir it all together in the jar and enjoy!

If you’re a fellow Slimming World-er, it’s absolutely perfect – the oats count as your Healthy Extra B, and everything else is completely Syn-free! Even if you’re not, it’s still a great way to get some goodness into your morning before you’ve even settled down to getting any work done. The best thing about the recipe is it’s incredibly versatile – you could add blueberries and raspberries, or diced apple and peach. If one flavour of yoghurt gets boring, there are so many other flavours you could add in – try MullerLight Banana and Custard with your strawberries, or their Skinny Cappucino for a much healthier morning ‘coffee’ fix.

Have you tried making overnight oats? What’s your usual breakfast favourite?

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