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Fleur De Force – The Glam Guide

Fleur De Force – The Glam Guide

I sort of feel like every blogger and their cat has read this by now, but I wanted to share my thoughts as Fleur De Force’s The Glam Guide (£7.49) isn’t my normal type of reading material at all. You’ll normally catch me on the tube leafing through a gritty crime novel or sci-fi book, rather than joining in the growing trend of lapping up blogger and YouTuber tomes. However, I actually do really enjoy watching Fleur’s YouTube videos – although we have quite different styles, I find her incredibly sweet, knowledgeable, engaging and more relevant to my age group than some others on YouTube. For this reason, I was actually quite excited when I finally got round to ordering The Glam Guide.

First off, the whole book is incredibly well designed, with super adorable illustrations and some Pinterest-worthy snapshots from Fleur’s life. I also really respect the fact that she’s taken the time to write the book herself – in a world of ghost-written YouTube books and drama, it’s refreshing to see. Obviously, the style of writing in a blogging sense is different to, say. novel-writing, and Fleur has presented the book in the friendly yet informative style of her blog and YouTube, which works incredibly well and her own way with words is clear throughout. She’s definitely made a savvy choice with the type of book she’s created, resulting in a book that feels honest, interesting and 100% Fleur.

Although aspects of the book, such as the beauty section, may be quite basic for some, there really is something for everyone. I particularly enjoyed the travel section, as I’m off on holiday in a couple of weeks. The section about buying and taking care of handbags was also really interesting, as I’m a ‘grab ’em from Primark and chuck ’em in the bottom of the wardrobe’ kinda girl normally. Plus, the ‘what’s in my handbag’ section is a perfect addition considering the popularity of those kinds of posts. As well as beauty and style sections, there are also chapters that give more ‘life advice’, and I really enjoy the way Fleur delivers information, her own experience and tips without seeming patronising or  like she’s telling readers what to do.

The Glam Guide isn’t the kind of reading material I’d normally pick up at all, but it was fun to have a peek into Fleur’s world and there’s actually some solid advice in the book, particularly the sections around Body Image, Life Goals and Relationships. Fleur is a huge inspiration for lots of girls out there, and she’s written a perfect guide for those who want to capture a bit of her glam life.

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