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Blog Photography: Finding Your Own Style

Blog Photography: Finding Your Own Style

One of the things I’ve felt really happy with this year is how my blog photography has improved. It was one of my blogging aims for the year, and I love how some of my pictures have come out. Compared to the blurry snaps and MacBook Photobooth outfit shots of my early posts, I really love the way my blog posts look these days. I’m not the hugest fan of ‘blogging advice’ posts and I feel like ‘how to take good blog photographs’ has been very much covered, but today I wanted to quickly talk about how I’ve developed my own style when it comes to taking photos for my blog.

You don’t need a DSLR
I do use my Canon 600D for a lot of my pictures – but sometimes if I only have one thing to photograph or need something quickly, I’ll happily use my Samsung Galaxy S5 camera. If you’re interested in photography in general, a DSLR can be great fun to use and have fun with – but for clear and easy-on-the eye product shots, all you really need is a camera/phone and some decent light

Finding the lightI take most of my product photos outdoors, which I feel adds a visual consistency to the lighting of them, making my blog images more cohesive. Most of my photography is done in bulk on a weekend day – when you work all week, you don’t always have the best light to work with, but if you want to use studio lighting go ahead.

What’s in the background
The current background trends in the blogging world include white furniture and flowers. Which can look lovely, but I don’t want to be a carbon copy of the ‘bigger’ bloggers that photography styles seem to trickle down from. I found my perfect blogging background when I moved into my current flat just over a year ago – the table I use is a bit ropey, but I love how the wooden tones bring a different dimension to an image – like the Topshop Beauty one above. I also really enjoy playing with depth of field when I have the garden/wall in the background. When it comes to product shots, I’m a big fan of the product being the focus – I personally don’t like to have much clutter in images, and rarely use magazines or unrelated scattered items around it.

My biggest tip in finding your own photography style is to experiment! Take a selection of images of the same product in different settings, using different backgrounds, accessories and lighting to work out what you like best. Even though I’ve found a style I like, I sometimes do mix up elements of it – see my La-Roche Posay image in the post header. There, I’ve used the same outdoor lighting I always try and use, with a focus on keeping the products clear and crisp – but mixing it up with some blue tissue paper to bring out the blue of the packaging.

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Dare to be different and make it YOURS
The most important part of developing your blog photography style is making it what YOU want it to be. It took me a long time to get to the point where I was super happy with my photos, and I still take the odd set I’m not particularly happy with. Photography IS an important part of drawing readers into a blog, and it’s really fun to practice and build your photography skills. Finally, don’t be afraid to be different in the way you compose your images. There will probably be hundreds of images on blogs of the same product, so presenting yours in a way that’s a bit different from blogger ‘norms’ will help yours stand out.

What do you look for in blog photography?