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My BettaLiving Bedroom Style – Modern Shabby Chic

My BettaLiving Bedroom Style – Modern Shabby Chic

My bedroom. A place I love to spend time – the place I sleep, blog, play around with everything in my wardrobe and makeup drawers, read books, watch movies and generally just relax in. Having always lived in rented accommodation, I’ve always been limited in what I can do with my room, but it’s always been important to me to add personal touches and make it into a place I can truly feel at home. Dreaming of one day being able to decorate a home of my very own, the bedroom is always the place I have the biggest ideas for – and I spend plenty of time looking for wishful inspiration online, and working out my dream bedroom style.

Whilst I do like the idea of ‘shabby chic’, I don’t want to go too heavy on the ‘shabby’ – I also like clean, modern design that’s often at odds with a more vintage look. However, I think a great balance can be struck between the two, mixing worn textures with clean lines and adding pops of colour to create a style that will stand the test of time. As someone who’s very particular about how they like a room to look and also very cash-conscious, I want something that I won’t get bored of within a few months. As part of a competition being run by Heart Home Magazine, I’ve put together a Pinterest board with some amazing bedroom inspiration picks, as well as items to create the perfect bedroom style from BettaLiving.

1. Sigma 4’6 Bedstead
A metal bed frame is great for creating a shabby chic look, with the frame providing cool, clean lines yet still having that slightly vintage feel. A good bed is an important investment, and the Sigma bed frame would fit with a variety of décor themes, if you do decide to change up the feel of the room.

2. Angelo Theme Decorative Black Phone
One of the aspects of the ‘shabby’ side that doesn’t really work for me is a tendency for rooms to be full of nick-nacks and clutter. I do like to have some pictures on my wall but usually prefer to let statement items like my duvet (more on that in a second…) to do the talking. However, a few well-placed homeware accessories can totally transform a room’s vibe, and I really like this Angelo Theme Decorative Black Phone. Even though I don’t even have a home phone, I love the look of ‘old-style’ phones, and the sleek black is a fantastic contrast to the lighter shades on the rest of my moodboard.

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3.  Kirstie Allsopp Jocelyn Bedding
Finally, on to probably my favourite place in the room – I have a fantastic relationship with my bed (mind out of the gutter there…), and as a thank you, I like to clothe it in beautiful duvet sets. Although most shabby chic bedroom themes seem to make a feature of small flower prints in pastel shades, I like to opt for something a bit stronger to really make the bed a focal point of the room. Enter the Kirstie Allsopp Jocelyn bedding, which has a lovely quirky design and bright blue shades that would prevent my dream bedroom from being over-the-top sickly sweet.

If you want to see more of my bedroom inspirations, check out my Betta Living Bedroom Style Pinterest board, and I’d love to know YOUR bedroom style in the comments!