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Blog. Job. Life – Balancing Blogging With Work and Living

Blog. Job. Life – Balancing Blogging With Work and Living

This post came to me as an idea when I was sitting at my desk on a normal afternoon in my old day job. I sort of forgot I’d written it, until the topic was brought up on Twitter a bit recently, so I thought it might be a helpful post for some. Although there are bloggers out there who actually do this for a living, most of us are doing it alongside work, college or Uni (or more than one of the above). I definitely know how it feels to struggle fitting in blogging with other commitments – I have two jobs, do my music writing and still manage to have a social life too, somehow. I’m sort of lucky that I’ve always been decent-ish at time management (boast, boast) – but my blog is something I love working on, and finding the time to create content isn’t a chore for me.

Use your life as inspiration
If you feel like you’re too busy to create new content, why not incorporate your social life into your blog? Going out for a meal? Take some snaps and review the restaurant! Talk about your hobbies, your job (if you can!), your goals. You don’t have to spend an hour a day setting up and taking fancy photos of your outfit – get a friend to take a snap or two when you’re out and about.

I’ve got to the point where I always have my phone at the ready to grab a few pics of anything I might be able to write about. Although I’m not the type to spend a whole evening snapping away, my friends and boyfriend (sort of) understand my blogging, and no longer look baffled when I’m taking pictures of bar signs from weird angles or meticulously arranging the table for each course of a meal.

Drafting and scheduling is your friend
Sometimes, when I’ve got a busy week coming up, I’ll spend a Sunday afternoon writing up multiple posts to put up throughout the week. I’ll schedule them in on Blogger (I usually try to alternate 10am, 2pm and 6pm postings!). Sometimes, I come up with a great spontaneous post and move things around a bit, but it’s nice to know I have content scheduled and backup posts saved as drafts if I get overwhelmed with other stuff.

I’ll also use TweetDeck to schedule in Tweets at points throughout the week – usually some ‘retro post’ ones and reminders of recent content, then new posts will get Tweeted in real time during breaks from work (to prevent any spontaneous post based reshuffling!).

Take photos in bulk
When it comes to photography, and especially as I usually get home after darkness falls in the winter, I have less opportunity to get well-lit product photographs. I try and  plan ahead, and use a weekend day to get images shot in bulk. That way, I have plenty of material to write posts for if I have an evening free during the week.

Plan a little – but don’t stress over slipping
Sometimes, life gets in the way. It can’t be helped. Usually, I like to vaguely plan out some blog post ideas and have a ‘to write’ and ‘to photograph’ list that I add to, but as I mentioned above, I also love the spontaneous ones.

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In the end, the best thing to do is work out the best ways to organise your blogging time for you – whether it’s getting up an hour earlier to do bloggy bits, being a night owl or saving it for the weekend. Finding what works for you and keeping your blogging as something you enjoy is vital to making sure your blog continues to be a labour of love and not something you feel you ‘have’ to keep up to date with.

How do you organise your blog around your commitments? What are your tips for a good work/life balance?