Being Thrifty’s Cool? Musings on Moneysaving…

 The word ‘thrifty’ means quite different things to different people. For some, it strikes fear into their hearts with visions of pouring all your coppers into the self-service machine and beauty hauls exclusively from the shelves of Poundland. Meanwhile, the Instagrammers and bloggers with plenty of cash to spend make the luxe life of a fortnightly Space NK binge and regular meals at pricey upmarket restaurants make excessive spending look aspirational and exciting.

However, I feel like in recent years, being smart with your cash has seen a bit of a revival. Comping as a hobby has become even more recognised, especially due to regular ‘MUM QUITS LIFE TO WIN MILLIONS OF COMPETITIONS’ stories on the Daily Fail (which aren’t necessarily the most factually accurate headlines. Shocker). DIY and upcycling have been taken under the wing of the ‘Shoreditch cool’ types, and there are loads of blogs out there dedicated to crafting. Nonetheless, I do still feel like being thrifty is somewhat looked down on, and misunderstood.

First of all, when it comes to MY kind of thrifty – I’ll treat myself if I want to and can afford to. I like Illamasqua lipsticks, Chanel foundation, meals out and buying new dresses. And if I have the cash, then to hell with it, I’m gonna buy them. But to keep on affording these more expensive things I enjoy treating myself to, I choose to cut down and save in other areas that seem less ‘important’ to me personally.

For example – I rarely buy lunch at work, instead grabbing myself a bag of salad, a big bottle of dressing (fat free, for all you Slimming World-ers out there) and some turkey chunks. That’s less than £2 a day spent on lunch that I’d wolf down quickly anyway. Along with having Weetabix and a bottle of milk in the office for brekkies, I probably save around £20 a week on eating out, which then goes towards a meal out that I can really enjoy. Which I’ll probably get even cheaper by using vouchers – I’ll never buy anything without scanning for deals on My Voucher Codes first!

I do find a lot of advice on thriftiness out there does seem to be quite aimed at families with children – which is great, as those are people who really do appreciate the savings made. However, for twentysomething me living in a houseshare and wanting to make the most of living my life in London, not all of it seems relevant or relatable. Hopefully, as I continue on my exploration of getting thriftier in aspects of my life, I’ll be able to share more tips – like my recent Four Ways To Save On The Little Things You Love post.

Being thrifty isn’t just ‘being tight’, or never splashing out on something you want, it’s about prioritising the way you spend. It’s about working ways into your life that save you money in certain areas so you have more to splash on the things that really matter. And if you look at it that way? Yeah, being thrifty sounds pretty cool to me.

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