Swan, Duck, Goose: Models Own Speckled Eggs Polishes

Models Own have brought out a fair few new collections this year already – including the Speckled Eggs collection, very similar to the Illamasqua Speckled collection, but at around a third of the RRP at £5 each. The collection features pastel tones with a speckled finish, and are named after egg-laying birds. My lovely housemate bought me a selection of the shades for my recent birthday, and I’ve been trying them out since. The three shades she picked for me, as you can see, are pretty straightforward – Swan’s a light purple, Duck is blue and Goose, a yellow.

The consistency of the polishes is quite thin, meaning using at least two coats is necessary to build up colour, which can result in a look that’s heavy on the speckles. I’ve realised I much prefer the results when just one thin coat is used over a base colour – Ciate’s Sugar Plum and Chinchilla are both great base colours and I really like the lighter speckling that it creates. It’s also a brilliant way of creating new shades with your speckles – as you can see – when Goose is layered lightly over Ciate’s Apple & Custard, it results in a green speckled nail.

The only slight downside to these is removal – I ended up with lots of speckles stuck to my fingers which were a bit annoying to remove! Otherwise though, I really like the way the polishes look, so I think it’s definitely worth a little bit of extra cleaning up.

Have you picked up any of the latest Models Own collections?

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