Healthy Eats: Boots Shapers Meal Deal

This week I’ve been making a bit of an effort to eat somewhat more healthily – particularly in the office, where I’m often tempted to snack and head to less-than-healthy places for a burrito or a mayo-heavy sandwich and crisps. I do try and make my own lunches when I can, but when it comes to popping out to grab a quick and easy meal deal, I usually head to Boots. Recently I’ve been favouring their Shapers range – for £3.29 (£3.79 in London/airports), you get to choose a main, snack and a drink, which is a decent price not far off your usual supermarket meal deal. All three components in the Shapers meal deal come to under 500 calories, which is great if you’re calorie counting or just want to pick up a slightly healthier option.

My favourite main course so far is definitely the Chipotle Caesar Salad – I found it a bit weird at first as chipotle sauce, as much as I love it, seems like an odd choice on salad. But it was actually really good! (the normal Caesar Salad is too!) Snacks-wise, I’m a huge popcorn fan, so I like that they do it in the meal deal. Their range of snacks is actually brilliant – from baked snacks to fruit to breadsticks and dip, as well as indulgent chocolate and strawberry mousses. (I’m beginning to sound like an ad from Boots…this isn’t even sponsored!!)

On the drinks side, the Apple and Elderflower ‘Vitamin Water’ is tasty and refreshing – although I’m usually quite sceptical of drinks that claim to have ‘healthy’ properties. If I fancy something a bit fizzy, their sparkling drinks are full of flavour, moreso than your average sugar-free/low sugar fizzy drink.

They may not live up to the expectations of the super-healthy weight loss brigade, but for those of us on the go, they’re a great option over the ususal supermarket sandwich, and have a surprisingly diverse and tasty range. If you don’t want to go the whole hog, all the Shapers products can be worked into the normal meal deal too. Boots seem to change up their options quite regularly as well, and with the mix and match it’s easy to not get bored! Just make sure you avoid the make-up aisle, or you could be losing pounds in a totally different sense…

My meals:
1. Chipotle Chicken Caesar Salad; Pineapple, Mango & Grape; Apple and Elderflower vitamin water
2. Prawn Cocktail Layered Pasta Salad; Salted Popcorn; Sparkling Cloudy Lemonade

Where do you head to for a healthy lunch? 

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