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Harry Potter Studio Tour! [CONTAINS SPOILERS!]

Harry Potter Studio Tour! [CONTAINS SPOILERS!]

Today I went to the Harry Potter studio tour! It was so so amazingly awesome, I’m quite the Harry Potter nerd! I don’t normally do ‘cut’ posts, but for those who are still yet to go and don’t want to have the surprise ruined, I’ve actually put them under the cut below. Enjoy!

When we went into the first bit of the tour, the tour guide asked us which house we were. I was the only person to put my hand up and cheer for Hufflepuff…Hufflepuff for life yo.

 Amazing set from the Yule Ball!
 Costumes – the ones at the front are Luna’s, and the jackets/jeans you can see at the back are Harry’s, in various states of disrepair with the actual continuity information attached.

 Ron’s trunk in the Gryffindor bedrooms – it’s amazing how much detail went into everything, even the bits you barely see for more than a second in the films.

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 Gryffindor common room – amazingly shabby yet homely looking.

 The Chamber of Secrets!

Number 4 Privet Drive 😀
Diagon Alley was so amazing – seeing all the shops was awesome!