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Fashionista Blush Palette

Fashionista Blush Palette

I have to admit, until the past six months or so, I never really wore blusher all that often. But after working out that it really did make a difference to my face, I wear it pretty much every day and it’s become a staple of  my make-up routine! I don’t actually own that many, but when I heard the Fashionista palette being raved about by a few other bloggers, I thought I’d give it a go!

I hate it when you buy a palette and there are a couple of shades you wouldn’t put anywhere near your face, but make-up brand Fashionista have found the key to this – mix and match your own palettes. You can pick between loads of shades of blusher, bronzer and eyeshadows (I decided to keep mine to blush only, as I’m the sort of person who’d absentmindedly end up putting green eyeshadow on my cheeks when I wake up all dozy!), and then slot them into either a four or six pan palette. The palettes are lovely too – and have a nice big mirror, which always comes in handy.

Out of the 12 available blusher shades, the ones I picked were (clockwise in the pallette):
Rose Shine, a very cute, girly pink (and my favourite of the bunch!)
Blushing, a darker pink with slightly reddish tones
Juicy Apricot, a coral pink with gold shimmer – although the blusher isn’t shimmery on!
Butterscotch, a dusky pink

All the colours are really pretty, and I’ve been blending them together too – wearing Butterscotch on the lower part of my cheek and Rose Shine or Juicy Apricot along the top of my cheekbone. The powders are really pigmented, so you only need a tiny swish of a brush to pick up plenty of colour. I’d say the first time you use them, go easy as I ended up with a huge brushful which gave me instant overkill – so build the colour instead!

Clockwise: Rose Shine, Blushing, Juicy Apricot, Butterscotch

I bought mine instore at Superdrug, where they were doing a ‘fill your pallette for a tenner’ offer, including the palette – considering the palette itself retails at a fiver and each blush £4, it’s a pretty awesome deal! If you really don’t want to splash out on an entire palette, the blushes are perfectly use-able individually, coming in normal blusher pots. And the palette is also great for going away, if you don’t want to take all your shadows and blushers, you can just pick up some staple colours and pop them in!

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Have you ever tried anything from the range? I was so impressed with this palette that I definitely want to try out some more of their products!

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