Wednesday Want: Urban Outfitters Cosmic Print Skirt

Skirt – Urban Outfitters

I’ve never done a ‘Wednesday Want’ before, I’ve seen a few other bloggers do it and I just couldn’t resist today. I popped into Urban Outfitters after work today (one of my favourite things about London so far is that I can casually stroll around the shops after work instead of a mad dash at 5pm to grab something I need!), and this skirt just caught my eye. Especially after my cosmic print Weekend Wishlist from Saturday! It’s the perfect length for a high waisted skirt, and the skater style makes it really flattering to wear. It’s £30, but all my skirts are pretty dull and it’d be nice to have the bottom half of an outfit as the ‘feature’ of the outfit! I managed to resist purchasing, but if I have any spare cash come Monday (day before my first payday!), I might have to pick this up!

Are you mid-week lusting over anything exciting?

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