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MyCelebrity Fashion Relaunch Party 4.9.12

MyCelebrity Fashion Relaunch Party 4.9.12

I have internet! I’m currently staying at some Uni halls as I started my new job on Monday (more on that very soon!), and the wi-fi’s been absolutely pants. But today I discovered the router, restarted it and it’s working! IT genius, thy name is Milly.

So, last night I attended my first ‘blogger event’ (aside from the Brighton blogger meet I went to a few weeks back, I mean my first press/PR/brand/whatevs event), a relaunch party for website MyCelebrityFashion, who help create star style looks for those who don’t have star style bank balances! I turned up early, on my own, so felt a bit awkward, but thanks to some friendly types and the champagne flowing, I felt at home quickly (despite the room being really hot!!). One of the most exciting things about the night was getting to meet other bloggers, including Law (who looked after me when I was wandering round on my own at the beginning!), Clare, Julie, Banx, Michelle, Emily, Holly and Shabna.

Alongside other bloggers, there were also some brands in attendance showing their wares, including Motel Rocks, WishWantWear designer dress hire, BeauBronz tanning and some lovely reps from Rare London. 

 Julie and Banx!

We were also treated to a goody bag at the end of the night, with a £10 Motel Rocks voucher, this amazing bottle of Diet Coke, a Skin Health Spa voucher, some skincare/makeup goodies, a can of AMAZINGLY named ‘LOL’ orange drink (which is not in the picture as I drank it on the tube) and an iPhone case, which is currently residing on my mobile as I speak (type).

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A massive thanks go to Bobbie and the team at MyCelebrityFashion for an awesome introduction to living in London and blogger events!