The Woman In Black

Last night, myself and James had a little cinema trip to see The Woman in Black. Based on the 1982 book-turned-play by Susan Hill, it’s something I’ve wanted to for a while. I’m not normally that phased by scary films at all, but can honestly say it’s one of the genuinely creepiest films I’ve seen in a very long while – I spent a fair bit of it watching through my hands. A lot of horror films these days tend to rely on shock tactics and gore, but The Woman in Black is much more reminiscent of old-school suspense thrillers. There was a lot of anticipation and building up of tension, especially through sound, and some really jumpy bits, I nearly lost my Maltesers at one point! The visuals of the film were stunning, with incredibly eerie set pieces,
the Eeel Marsh House interior being one of them.

Daniel Radcliffe had a lot to live up to in his first post-Potter role, and to give him credit, he did a good job as a young, inexperienced Edwardian solicitor. Unfortunately, I felt at times that he was a bit young looking for the role and not quite believable as a father. He definitely has the potential for long-term success, but I think it’s a case having some growing into his career and adult roles to do still. I’m also very proud of my self control – I didn’t shout ‘Use your wand Harry!’ once!!

Despite being rather terrified at points (the very reactive audience around me probably upped the tension ante even more!), I really enjoyed the film, and it’s incredibly well-made. Watch if you dare!

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