As you might have seen if you follow my Twitter/Instagram, on Saturday I went along to ASOS headquarters (eee!) with some fellow ASOS Insiders as part of their Access All ASOS scheme, for ‘Selfie School’, an afternoon focused on learning… View Post

  Shirt – Real Friends merch  Skirt – Primark Belt & Cardigan – New Look Headband – Topshop Hi-Tops – Adidas via Ebay S’been a while since I’ve done an outfit post, partly down to laziness and partly down to… View Post

I figure being healthy and losing weight in their pure essence are actually pretty simple conceptually. Eat better, exercise more. So those are two things I’ve been giving a whirl lately. Obviously, they sound simple in context, but from someone… View Post

Going through my pictures from the weekend, there are far less share-able ones than I thought…but I had such an awesome time, I wanted to share some chat about it anyway. Chances are you’ve heard of the Warped Tour (y’know,… View Post