A while back I stumbled across Ella’s absolutely lovely blog (if you don’t go and read it right now, it’ll make all the Christmas elves sad), and whilst nosying through her posts I found her Christmas tag. I don’t really… View Post

This week I brought out the Christmas jumper for Xmas Jumper Day on Friday and a night out yesterday. Mine was £15 from a cheapy shop near my work, but it’s surprisingly comfy and cosy, it’s also really oversized (or… View Post

I definitely need to clean my mirror. Whoops. This was my favourite playsuit over the summer (a H&M bargain in the sale!), and I wore it ridiculous amounts with bare legs and shoulders when the weather was absolutely boiling. It’d… View Post

Blogging has taken a bit of a backseat this week (and might be less often until Christmas), as I’ve been working extra shifts in the bar at my work to make some extra Christmas money – I’m still doing my… View Post

Snowman Bath Bomb, £2.50, Lush Bathtime is one of my favourite standard times, and Christmas is one of my favourite once-a-year times, so when the two combine, it all gets real. Recently I’ve started working extra bar shifts in the… View Post

Happy December! I’m basically a massive child at Christmas, so I was mega excited on Saturday evening, when I headed over to Winter Wonderland with some friends. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s pretty much a ‘land of Christmas’… View Post