New Orleans is, by far, one of the most fun cities I’ve ever visited. There’s something that’s just so…easy…about it. Convenient, as its nickname IS the Big Easy. It’s laid back, unlike anywhere else I’ve been before or since, and… View Post

When it comes to historical tours, there seems to be an old-fashioned view that they can be stuffy, academic and…well, sometimes quite dull. But looking beyond that outdated stereotype, there are some amazing ways to explore historical city sights through innovative… View Post

I’ve wanted to live in Stratford’s East Village ever since I first went there. So many restaurants, bars and cute little shops to spend my Sundays pottering round, lots of lovely trees and greenery and Westfield and the rest of… View Post

This post has nothing to do with socks, or house elves, or Harry Potter, sadly. Sorry. Instead, it’s a bit more think-y, and involves some thinking on what it is that defines a travel blogger? What ‘counts’ as travel content?… View Post

When it comes to Indian food, I have to admit, I’m embarrassingly basic. I never tend to stray from the BYOBs of Brick Lane, from the restaurants that shout you down with discounts and deals, the well-made authentic dishes (and… View Post