Firezza’s been a popular pizza takeaway chain in London and beyond for a while now, with over 20 delivery stores across the city and even as far out as Staines and Reading. What’s new though, is their Dean Street restaurant… View Post

Cocktails and craft float your boat? Well, literally, you’re in luck! For the next few days, Campari have taken up a residency on the canal beside London’s designjunction, where visitors can indulge in food, drinks, and even get a little… View Post

Okay, remember yesterday when I said we didn’t get to the Foo Fighters Arms pub because of queues and rain? Well, guess what – we got there in the end! Heading back over yesterday morning, within five minutes of 12… View Post

London might as well nickname itself Burger City, what with the amount of patty-in-a-bun joints that have cropped up around the city’s streets during recent years. From the classy vibes at Patty & Bun, to the greasy hangover delights of… View Post

Greece is one of the countries that I still haven’t got around to visiting, despite it being a) a pretty popular destination nowadays and b) somewhere I really need to eat all the things. Santorini is the Instagram spot du… View Post