6 Travel Blogs to Fall In Love With in 2018

Despite being, y’know, a travel blogger of sorts, I’m ashamed to say I do sort of suck at reading other people’s travel blogs. Except when I’m researching destinations, then I’ll be all over your travel tales and listicles like a mosquito to an un-sprayed leg (seriously though, get down with the DEET). 

There are, however, travel blogs out there I’ll come back to time and time again, even if I’m not dreaming up my latest adventure. To me, those blogs offer more than wanderlust and ideas – but stories I’m fascinated to read. Images that I want to hang up on my wall. A person (okay, or, multiple people) behind the blog, which means where they are is quite irrelevant – I’m just curious about what they’re up to.

Some are useful, some are inspirational, some are just bloody good fun – and although this is by no means all of them, these are six travel blogs that you might just fall in love with in 2018.


Along Dusty Roads

Along Dusty Roads

After a wine-fuelled (by me, at least) chat with Andrew and Emily at Traverse last year, I can confirm they’re actually two of the loveliest travel bloggers around. Their blog combines glossy magazine quality travel photography with a personal and friendly writing style, and this combo really makes Along Dusty Roads stand out.

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Charlie, Distracted

charlie distracted

I couldn’t leave Charlie off this list, because as well as a wonderful friend, she’s also a fantastic travel blogger. We have similar interests in things we like to see and do (including eating, of course), so she’s someone I’ll always look to for ideas when I’m planning an adventure. 

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As The Sparrow Flies

As The Sparrow Flies

Despite having never met in person (which needs to change this year!), Sam is just the loveliest! Her posts are an awesome mix of travel inspiration and helpful advice, with a real curious outlook on life – something that always makes for fantastic reading and never fails to raise a smile.

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Heels In My Backpack

heels in my backpack

I still remember the first time I read Kara’s ‘About Me’ section and just knew that she was the kinda person who’d be right up my street. Having spent a week and a half on the road with her back in May, I can confirm this is totally true. Her writing style is so fun and like chatting to a mate, she’s not afraid of being completely honest about her experiences, and her posts are always a joy to read.

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Hand Luggage Only

hand luggage only

I mean, if you’re NOT following Yaya and Lloyd’s adventures already, what are you doing with yourself? Beautiful photography, wonderful words and two down-to-earth, super friendly dudes who’ll make you want to book yourself onto a flight right now

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SilverSpoon London

silverspoon london

Real talk. Luxury travel isn’t usually my style. Although, like many of us, I’d like it to be. So luxe travel blogs don’t really hit my reading agenda that often. However, I’m completely addicted to Angie’s blog, and love reading along with every post. She’s basically like that really cool friend who does awesome stuff that you can’t help find fascinating, and the way she presents her travel is so enjoyable, I just love hearing about what she’s up to. Plus, she also has some great London restaurant recommendations!

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What are your favourite travel blogs to read?

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Six Travel Blogs to Read in 2018

  • Angie SilverSpoon

    Oh thank you so so much for mentioning me love among such other great blogs too!!

  • Zara

    I love Hand Luggage Only too! I also really enjoy Pack Your Passport – http://www.pack-your-passport.com
    Thanks for so many great recommendations, can’t wait to check them all out! x

  • So many good blogs on this list! I’ve never heard of Along Dusty Roads before but it looks BEAUTIFUL! Thank you for sharing 🙂 xx

  • I’m reading Hand luggage only and SilverSpoon London:) I’ll check the others too:)

  • Aw <3 yay!

  • Two of these are on my list already (and Pack Your Passport too!) but I’ll be adding a bunch of these to my reads. Completely agree that Along Dusty Roads is one of the most gorgeous blogs I have ever seen!

    Lis / last year’s girl x

  • Great list. I have heard of Angie’s blog and Hand Luggage Only before and they are great. I’ll check out the other suggestions too.

  • I am *always* on the hunt for new travel blogs to follow as I have just started in the travel industry and find travel guides from bloggers are so much more useful and current than the other more traditional forms of travel research.

    There are some on this list that I haven’t heard of so I can’t wait to check them all out! Thanks for sharing xx

    Lynsey || One More Slice