An Alternative Afternoon Tea & Super Spa Experience

How does a Tuesday evening pamper and ‘afternoon’ tea sesh sound? Pretty good, right? In the run-up to Christmas, weekend time is precious, and who really has the time to go for a whole spa day when there are Christmas markets to be pottered around and mulled wine to be drunk? Exactly. But it can also one of the most stressful and busy times, so squeezing in a little R&R is a great way to be super cute to yourself.

Although conveniently located just minutes from Shepherd’s Bush station, K West Hotel & Spa is a little bit tucked away in the style that I find exciting. An urban oasis, at the end of a road of terraced houses – stepping into the stylish lobby, it felt more like Soho than SheBu. The hotel also has a bit of a rock’n’roll history – it’s the former site of BBC Recording Studio Kensington House, with Marley, Bowie and The Kinks among former guests.

I went along on a crisp Tuesday evening after work to try out their Glam Rock Afternoon Tea, sort out my winter skin with a bespoke express facial and enjoy some of their spa facilities. This is how it went down…

The Glam Rock Afternoon Tea

Glam Rock Afternoon Tea at K West Hotel and Spa, LondonGlam Rock Afternoon Tea at K West Hotel and Spa, LondonGlam Rock Afternoon Tea at K West Hotel and Spa, London

First of all – can we talk about the fabulousness of THAT TEA SET? 

In the welcoming and cosy Library space, adorned with Warhol art and rock’n’roll memorabilia, we were served our Festival Glam Rock Afternoon Tea. Even though I’m not a massive tea drinker, I was actually a big fan of K West’s bespoke tea, ‘Tea Rex’. It’s described as ‘bold, distinctively smoky flavour with a soothing floral undertone and a pleasant spicy after taste.’ I have limited experience as a tea sommelier (is that a thing? Ha.), but I’m inclined to agree.

A few savoury treats were on offer, and I enjoyed the miniature sandwiches – particularly the avocado, red pepper and mozzarella. Honestly, the mini beef burgers weren’t my favourite and could do with being a bit more flavoursome – but that was the only negative I found. Plus, the sweet treats more than made up for it…

Starting with delicate little macarons, we moved on to the refreshing and tangy sorbet cones – a strange choice for afternoon tea, but their sherbet-y deliciousness fit this slightly quirky afternoon tea perfectly. Providing a fun festive twist, mini baubles filled with strawberry and watermelon slushie mix perched amongst the treats – basically healthy, right?! 

The absolute star of the tea tray though, was the white chocolate mini cheesecake bowl. The creamy white chocolate ‘bowl’ began to melt in my hands as I dug out light, fluffy mousse; revealing crumbed biscuit below. Seriously wonderful.

The Festival Glam Rock Afternoon Tea starts at £28.50 per person, £36.00 with prosecco, and £40 .50 with cocktails. 

Glam Rock Afternoon Tea at K West Hotel and Spa, LondonGlam Rock Afternoon Tea at K West Hotel and Spa, LondonGlam Rock Afternoon Tea at K West Hotel and Spa, London

K West Spa: Facials & Relaxation

After we’d finished off our tea and scones, it was on to part two of our girly evening – spa time, baby! The girls were up first for facials, while I paid a visit to Sun Meadow, K West Spa’s special light therapy room.

Inside, you lie down on a sunken bed while de-stressing beams of light are dispensed from the ceiling. As you close your eyes, the sounds of woodland echo around, and I found it easy to imagine that I was lying in an actual sunny meadow. Great for those who suffer with SAD or just need a bit of a winter boost!

Afterwards, I was treated to an express facial which definitely worked wonders for boosting my skin’s glow. After a deep cleanse, hot towels, massage and serum, this face is TOTALLY ready for Christmas partying. We also had access to the hotel’s wet spa facilities, including sauna, steam room and a huge hydrotherapy pool.

Feeling super-refreshed, I went home and slept like a baby – and the next day, woke up just about ready to face the festive onslaught that’s coming my way. Er, and craving those white chocolate cheesecake bowls…

*I was a guest of K West for the Glam Rock Afternoon Tea and spa session – thoughts and words my own.

  • LydiaCLee

    I LOVE this idea! How cool! #CityTripping

  • Sara Elizabeth Urquidez

    Wait, this sounds like the perfect treatment for seasonal affective disorder!! How have I never heard of this?! It also sounds relaxing… I love the warm beams of sunshine on a nice day, so to just people to sit and unplug? Sounds lovely!

  • How fabulous. I definitely need that purple tea set in my life too. I could get used to doing some afternoon tea and spa on a Tuesday afternoon! What a fab treat. Thanks for linking #citytripping