What To Order At Costa This Christmas

Halloween’s over, the weather’s definitely getting colder and from the beginning of November, it’s basically a big ol’ countdown to the most wonderful time of the year. Yep, the festive season’s ahead of us, and one thing I love about the winter months? Coffee shop Christmas ranges. Whether it’s a special treat catching up with an old friend, or just a moment’s peace during the Christmas shopping, there’s nothing like a festive beverage or cake to get my mood up.

From the rich and warming festive hot chocolates and lattes to the eagerly-awaited Christmas sandwich, Costa’s Christmas range is all about getting you in the mood for the season to be jolly. And I got pretty jolly when I had a peek at this year’s range – in stores across the country from today.

So, without further ado, here’s what to order at Costa this Christmas…

What to order at Costa this Christmas: Costa Christmas DrinksWhat to order at Costa this Christmas: Costa Christmas sandwichesCosta Christmas cake selection

Black Forest Frostinio

As much as I love a good coffee or hot chocolate to warm up on a freezing day, sometimes when I’m bustling about doing my Christmas shopping, a girl just needs to cool down. Enter the Black Forest Frostinio – all the delicious taste of a Costa Black Forest Hot Chocolate…but iced and topped with cream, berry sauce and shimmering chocolate curls. Living the coffee shop beverage dream. It also tastes like just what I need to deal with the Christmas morning hangover…

Festive Pigs in Blankets Panini

Pigs in blankets are one of my fave things about Christmas food. I mean, why don’t we do this all year round? The Costa Pigs in Blankets Panini is top tier in terms of Christmas sarnies. In fact, I’m just gonna copy and paste the official Costa description, so you can drool over it…

‘British pork and onion sausage; British smoked maple cured streaky bacon with a mix of Béchamel sauce; British pork, sage and onion stuffing; mozzarella & cheddar cheeses; cranberry sauce and spinach leaf in a stone baked sourdough panini.’

The description’s a wonderful mouthful, just like each bite…

What to order at Costa this Christmas: Costa Christmas sandwichesWhat to order at Costa this Christmas: Costa Christmas DrinksWhat to order at Costa this Christmas: Dark Chocolate and Raspberry Decadence CakeWhat to order at Costa this Christmas: Costa Christmas Sandwiches

Dark Chocolate and Raspberry Decadence Cake

This one is definitely named correctly – it’s hella decadent. A chocolate brownie with a zingy layer of luxury raspberry compote, it’s majorly rich and festive. It reminds me of the best desserts after dinner, or chocolate box delights filled with oozing liquid berry centres.

Billionaire Hot Chocolate

Like Millionaire’s Shortbread? Well, this is it – in drink form. Caramel sauce and Costa’s traditional hot chocolate is topped off with fresh whipped cream and a golden, buttery biscuit crumb. Even if you’re buying your pressies in Poundland, you’ll 100% feel like a billionaire when you get a sip of this.

Rudoph Cake

For a start, it’s got a face. A cute little reindeer face that almost makes you feel bad eating it. But you should, cause this is one excellent cake. It’s a sticky toffee sponge filled with salted caramel frosting, topped with chocolate frosting, and of course, a Rudolph face on top. The salted caramel and chocolate are both super dreamy, and this one is my fave cake from the entire range.

What to order at Costa this Christmas: Costa Christmas Rudolph CakeWhat to order at Costa this Christmas: Costa Christmas sandwichesWhat to order at Costa this Christmas: Chocolate & Hazelnut Shimmer Cake

Brie, Bacon and Cranberry Panini

A slightly less busy option than the Pigs in Blankets Panini, but nonetheless still super delicious! A simple yet tasty brie and bacon panini given that sweet festive taste with a touch of cranberry sauce.

Chocolate & Hazelnut Shimmer Cake

This one’s a fancy one. Two sponges topped with caramel and gianduia Italian chocolate spread, it’s a luxurious treat with a gold hazelnut perched on top. It’s sparkly and luxe, with melt in your mouth loveliness – you’ll basically feel like royalty eating this.

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As a little special treat for you guys, I’m giving away a £10 Costa gift card so you can get a taste of Christmas on me. Yeah, I know, I’m nice. Just complete any or all of the options on the lil’ Rafflecopter form, and you’re entered!

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  • Jessica Tagliani

    Oh my gooooood, that Black Forest Frostino sounds gorgeous! Might have to sack off the diet for one day to try that beaut out…

  • The millionaire shortbread hot chocolate sounds AMAZING! What a great idea. I can’t wait for Christmas to be here already! xx

  • maci234

    millionaire shortbread yummy

  • Tracy K Nixon

    The Costa Pigs in Blankets Panini !!!

  • I’d love it all! Esp Millionaire Shortbread Hot Chocolate

  • Michaela

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  • Kelly Ann

    Gingerbread latte sounds lush!

  • ashleigh allan

    hard choice but probably the millionaire hot chocolate

  • Dave M

    Costa Christmas Menu is the highlight of the year 🙂 billionaire hot choc sounds amazing

  • Carey Pindar-Jones

    I’d treat my daughter to a Rudolph cake x

  • Hannah Scudder

    Any form of hot chocolate!

  • clairdownham

    gingerbread latte thankyou

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    I really want to try the Black Forest Frostinio now! x

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  • Alica

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  • laura stewart

    hot chocolate

  • Leanne Hansell

    My favourite is Rudolph Cake.

  • Sarah Austin

    Gingerbread latte!

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    Festive Pigs in Blankets Panini – can’t wait to try!

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    Gingerbread Latte! Wins every time for me!

  • Jules Smith Eley

    Gingerbread Latte

  • Rebecca Nisbet

    the billionaires latte sounds amazing!! love xmas time at Costa

  • Kirsty Webb

    chocolate and raspberry decadence cake

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    Billionaires Hot Chocolate….can’t wait to try it!

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    Costa Pigs in Blankets Panini as I prefer something savoury

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  • Abigail Cullen

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  • OMG! It all sounds SO GOOD. Drooling. Defo gonna have to eat all this when I land back in London in December haha

    C x | Say Hello

  • Amy Wright


  • Amelia Kennedy

    I’m addicted to the Raspberry and Almond Bakes! x

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    Raspberry and almond bakes delicious

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    It all sounds amazing, but I would have to try the Chocolate and Hazelnut Shimmer Cake first.

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    I love the Dark Chocolate and Raspberry Decadence Cake

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    Billionaire HOT Chocolate sounds amazing ! would love to try it !

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    I usually have the Blackforrest hot chocolate I hope they do it this year, also cannot wait to try the billionaires hot chocolate

  • Lisa Houston

    Would have to be the pigs in blanket sandwich.

  • Tracy Hughes

    Black Forest Hot Chocolate, every time!

  • Jen A

    My old favourite is the gingerbread and cream latte – I’m loving the look of the dark chocolate and raspberry decadence cake though!

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    Stacey | unicornfairy.net

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    The Rudolph Cake

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    BLACK FOREST FROSTINIO sounds delicious, but this menu is full of lovely festive treats so it was a hard decision. Might have to take my Mum and treat her. 🙂

  • Laura Avery

    That sounds amazing..and perfect prize for having a break with a pal when doing the christmas shopping. I have only tried salted caramel cappachino there recently which was lovely

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