In Bed With Ibis @ Brighton Big Screen

How does watching your favourite movie in the comfy Ibis Sweetbed, with a cheeseboard, hot dog and pint of your fave beer sound? And to top it all off…all of that, on Brighton Beach? Yeah, I know right. We did exactly that over the weekend. And guys, it was pretty epic.

Since it was first released and I saw it multiple times at the cinema, Moulin Rouge has been one of my all-time favourite films. If I’m pushed, I’ll likely say the favourite. I’ve also wanted to go back to Brighton and have an explore for ages. Thankfully, these two things conveniently collided, and we were on a train to London Victoria before you could say ‘Spectacular, Spectacular’.

I’m going to do a full post on the actual Brighton bit (it involved street art, arcade games and some late night 80s dancing), so I get this post all to itself to chat about how awesome the Brighton Big Screen Ibis Sweetbed VIP Experience is.

Ibis SweetBed VIP Experience, Brighton Big Screen | Mini AdventuresBrighton Big Screen | Mini AdventuresIbis Sweetbed VIP experience at Brighton Big Screen | Mini Adventures

We’d arrived a bit early for our Brighton Beach-side screening to take advantage of our beds for as long as possible.  Inside the VIP area, we found ourselves with five beds to choose from, and by the start of the film, they’d all been taken. Clearly a popular idea! We were greeted with some daft punny signs too (‘Toy Snorey’ was a fave), and I immediately jumped onto the bed to test its comfiness. It got my seal of approval, for sure. They’re the same beds as in actual Ibis hotels!

Our dedicated VIP concierge made sure we were comfortable, delivering us delicious cones of popcorn (one sweet, one salty). Our drinks order was taken and brought to our bed – two pints of Camden Hells. It’s one of the on-tap lagers I’ll always pick if available, and it was really great to see it being served instead of the usual suspects you’d get at similar types of event. Once I’d had a run around to take some photos (that blogger life), my trainers were kicked off and we slipped under the fresh covers, settling in for the evening.

Ibis Sweetbed VIP experience at Brighton Big Screen | Mini AdventuresIbis Sweetbed VIP experience at Brighton Big Screen | Mini Adventures

As well as beers, we were also treated to A CHEESEBOARD. Packed with local artisan cheeses and tasty meat, it was absolutely delicious. The strange highlight was the Chalkboard Cheese – not black pudding, as I’d initially thought – that black slice is actually cheese. And it was really good!

Before the film began, I’d been a bit worried that the screen was quite far away – thankfully the VIP area had its own speakers, and I really got into the film as we cosied up in bed so ended up not really noticing the distance between the bed and screen. I could see perfectly well everything that went on screen, and the picture was excellent considering it was still light out. And, yes. I did sing and quote along a lot

Ibis Sweetbed VIP experience at Brighton Big Screen | Mini Adventures Ibis Sweetbed VIP experience at Brighton Big Screen | Mini AdventuresIbis Sweetbed VIP experience at Brighton Big Screen | Mini AdventuresBrighton Big Screen | Mini Adventures

There was a handy interval, which involved us getting up for a leg stretch and grabbing some more beers and a hotdog dinner. I managed to not get any ketchup and mustard on the seats and felt pretty magical about that fact.

As documented, I’m an often-poor London girl whose cinema expenses usually only stretch to £4.95 on a Tuesday night at the Walthamstow Empire. Maybe even a Nandos beforehand if I’m feelin’ fancy.

The £25 it costs for an Ibis Sweetbed experience is actually something I’d be willing to pay for such a cool experience. I mean, if you’re going to Vue or whatevs, you could be paying up to £14 a ticket. I actually had to look that up just now. And once you factor in the welcome drink and popcorn you get here, you’re actually not that far off £25 anyway. And also IT’S A BED. Wayyy better than your normal cinema’s rip-off VIP seats.

There are actually only a few days worth of showings left this year (including Fantastic Beasts on Bank Holiday Monday!), so get down there ASAP if you can. The standard entry tickets are way cheaper than a normal cinema, and the Ibis SweetBed experience is majorly DREAMY

*We were hosted by the Ibis team for this – all opinions and cheese obsessions honest, as usual!

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Ibis Sweetbed VIP experience at Brighton Big Screen | Mini Adventures

  • Amy

    This is such a cool idea! And I’m now craving a cheese board. – Amy

  • I haven’t seen Moulin Rouge in too long! It’s actually the film I based a large amount of my dissertation on.

  • Well done, now I want cheese. Bloody love Moulin Rouge too!

  • Abi Street

    This looks bloody awesome – especially the cheeseboard!! I’ve been to a few outdoor cinemas and I love them

    Abi | abistreetx

  • Yes, you look really comfortabel and that cheeseboard does look great !

  • I saw this advertised and though it sounded god but now I’ve seen your pics, wow. What an amazing way to spend the evening. Mich x

  • What an amazing experience! It looks like so much fun 🙂 I love Moulin Rouge too, I love to sing along… Badly…. Also Ewan McGregor *wink wink*