Four Band T-Shirts Under £20

Lately, I’ve found myself drawn to buying band tees. In the past, I’d never really been into wearing them – I’m quite picky about designs, for a start. And I always found that bands I like and designs I like didn’t tend to mix well. There’s also the fact that I didn’t think band t-shirts worked well with my style. But ever since I’ve discovered that I actually like wearing jeans (shocker), and invested in a whole host of cute high-waisted shirts, it’s seemed like t-shirts from my faves are actually now a thing that I’m wearing a lot right now. 

Music is, and always has been, a huge part of my life. I’ve met my best friends through it, and still can’t beat the feeling I get from seeing the songs I love played live. I’m already getting hyped for festival season (Slam Dunk, Download and 2000 Trees are in the diary), and booking tickets for some awesome shows right up until Autumn. 

As a result, I’ve been picking up quite a few recently – here are four of my top picks, all under £20…

Black Sabbath 

Black Sabbath Women's T-ShirtBlack Sabbath Women's T-Shirt

Back in February, I entered a competition with Absolute Cult to win tickets to Black Sabbath’s tour. And won them. The show was definitely pretty awesome. And as part of the prize, I could also pick £100 worth of tees from their site – so I grabbed four for me, and two for Conor. As the prize was Sabbath based, I couldn’t resist picking up one of their shirts. I really loved the design of this one

Black Sabbath ‘The End’ World Tour T-Shirt, £16.99, Absolute Cult

Don Broco

Don Broco Women's T-ShirtDon Broco Women's T-Shirt

I’m a big Don Broco fan, but I’ve always been quite fussy about their designs. Nothing really cut it until I saw this skeleton cowboy t-shirt (with a bit of stolen Metallica style for the font…). I’ll definitely be wearing this to Slam Dunk when they play in May!

Don Broco Skeleton Cowboy T-Shirt, £16.99, Absolute Cult


Metallica Women's T-Shirt Metallica Women's T-Shirt

Alright, die-hard music fans might sniff at buying band t-shirts from mainstream stores. I’ve seen ‘hardcore’ music fans complaining about the likes of whatever-Kardashian-it-was wearing Slayer t-shirts. Complaining about Topshop making bands seem like brands. But, sorry, not sorry. If I like the band AND the design of a shirt in a ‘fashion’ store, I’m probably gonna buy it. 

Unfortunately, this one’s not on the website any more, although I’ve still seen the same style in different designs in store, so it’s worth a look! Meanwhile, I’ve linked to another Metallica tee I really like on sale now at H&M.

Metallica Short T-Shirt, £12.99, H&M

Bring Me The Horizon

Bring Me The Horizon Baseball T-Shirt Bring Me The Horizon Baseball T-Shirt

Back in my Uni days, I actually used to hate Bring Me The Horizon with a pretty firey passion. I saw them wayyy back in the day as a support band at the Norwich Waterfront and decided they were an insult on my ears.

Fast forward to years later, I’d began to change my mind after their There Is A Hell… album, then Sempiternal dropped, and I was hooked. After taking a pretty different direction with That’s The Spirit, and a goosebumps-inducing show with full orchestra at the Royal Albert Hall, you can consider me a full-blown fan these days. I really like baseball style tees, and this one’s simple but super cute.

Bring Me The Horizon Umbrella Logo Baseball T-Shirt, £17.99, Absolute Cult


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