Spice Up Your Life | The 90s Brunch

Calling all 90s babies, spice girls, destiny’s children and double-denim-wearing boyband devotees. This one’s for you.

I’m pretty sure I could count on my left hand the amount of people I know who aren’t totally down with the 90s. The fashion, the music…the haircuts. The cult TV shows, the questionable makeup choices (blue hair mascara, anyone?), the absolute icons. Mine was Geri Halliwell, FYI.

So when I heard about The 90s Brunch, it was safe to say I was more excited about it than a Westlife member getting a new stool for Christmas.

The brunches are held on a fortnightly basis, across different London venues – you only know the rough area until the Monday before, when the secret location is revealed to ticket holders. We headed down to Clapham at midday on a Saturday to check out our first (and definitely not last) 90s Brunch event at dim sum restaurant and venue Fu Manchu.

And here’s why you totally need to get yourself (and your best  the next 90s brunch event…

The Tunes

Have you ever been on a night out where every single song induces you turning to the person next to you and squealing ‘I. LOVE. THIS. SONG!’? Right. Well. The 90s brunch soundtrack is basically that. Every damn song is incredible. From Atomic Kitten to Snoop Dogg, whatever your 90s chart topping vibe, they bring it.

The 90s brunch LondonThe 90s Brunch, London

The Drinks

We were welcomed into the party with a bang – from 12-1, you can get your hands on unlimited bubbly cocktails from the bar. And believe me, we took full advantage of that. You do have to pay for your drinks after that, but it’s certainly a very good start – so make sure you arrive at 12 on the dot!

The Food

As Fu Manchu is a dim sum restaurant, the eats on order were definitely not your standard avo toast brunch kinda deal. For starters, we had some crispy spring rolls which were delicious, and as a main, a tasty chicken curry. They may not have been top-notch gourmet plates, but definitely perfect for lining the stomach for an afternoon of debauchery. Oh, and the lychee doughnuts that arrived on piled up plates for dessert? AMAZING.

The Entertainment

To get the party going while everyone hovered slightly politely at their tables pouring bubbly down their throats, rollerskate-dancing was order of the day. Seriously, the guy doing it was so slick. I want to be that cool. And as the party got going later on, we were treated to a fabulous neon hula hoop show.

The 90s Brunch, LondonThe 90s Brunch, London

The Lip Syncing

Can’t sing? Doesn’t matter! Get up on stage and lip sync your heart out to some of the best 90s tracks! It’s not a serious, sit down affair – with stage invaders jumping up and everyone in the crowd singing and dancing along too. Unfortunately, we missed the sign-up for the competition, but our lip sync duet of The Real Slim Shady will live to be performed another day…

The Dance Routines

If you can do the Macarena a million times better than you can do your household paperwork (which I totally can), you’ll love this part. The first hour and a half being, as Kassie so rightly put it, like the first stage of a school disco, totally changes once everyone’s got fully into the party mood. We’re talking throwing down your best 90s moves, sashaying like Britney and proving to your companions that you totally still know every single step to Bye Bye Bye.

The People

Honestly, I’m not normally a big nightclub lover. If I do go ‘out out’, it’ll usually be to a sweaty rock club, or I’ll awkwardly hover on the dance floor pretending I know the words to the latest Drake song. And if you’re like me, you might initally be put off when I say, it’s basically a club night in the day. BUT, unlike the super clubs with a million people stepping on your brand new Topshop flats, this is a much more intimate and friendly affair. Everyone there was all about the fun – happy to dance silly, sing badly and chat away about anything and everything.


The 90s Brunch, London

Event tickets are priced at £35 – for a three-course meal, those unlimited welcome drinks and an entertainment-filled five-hour daytime party, I think that’s pretty awesome value.

And seriously, we just had the absolute best time (even though I was hungover by 9pm). I’m already hoping they run one on my birthday (1st April, thanks in advance for the pressies) so I can head back again with everyone I’ve ever met and have all the fun, all over again.

The 90s Brunch
Various London locations

*We were invited down to try out the event for review purposes. But my 90s-induced happiness is so real.
Event images courtesy of The 90s Brunch, photography by Anna Wallington

  • Louise

    This sounds like SO MUCH FUN and right up my street! I’ll have to pop down myself x

  • Oh my goodness this sounds sooo fun! I don’t really like going out out much either but I can’t resist a good nostalgia night! One with free drinks and food thrown in sounds like the dream xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua | Life, Travel, Italy

  • Angie SilverSpoon

    Brilliant! Brings back great memories for me!

  • LaaLaa

    Awesome, I love 90s vibed stuff – this I’d definitely have to experience and hey another April baby! Whoop xo

  • This is right up my street, dam it why cant i live in London lol, it looks like so much fun, i love a little trip down memory lane 🙂 x

  • Sounds like a great place, I am more 80’s though (showing my age 🙂 )

  • I have heard of Fu Manchu but I did not know that they did 90’s themed nights there that is pretty sweet! Glad you had fun x

  • With Love, Lottie

    This sounds so bloody fun!! I’m definitely checking it out for future. Definitely my kind of ‘night out’

  • Hayley

    This sounds amazing! I loved the 90s, so it’s right up my street!

  • This sounds like my kind of event! I love everything about the 90s! x

  • Harriet @ Toby&Roo

    Sure looks like you are having loads of fun!

  • This sounds like a very fun event and I would imagine that those who were young in the ’90s would really enjoy this!

  • Hannah Latoya Bond

    This looks great. I love the 90s and really miss it. I remember blue hair mascara too x

  • Oh my god this sounds like my idea of the best day! I am definitely going to be checking out the future dates x

  • This takes me back! Those were the days. What a fun way to re-live them! Oh, April 4 here btw. x

  • This actually sounds the nuts! I’m such a 90’s fan and want to relive it all!

  • Beautyqueenuk

    Wow, this sounds just absolutely amazing, definitely takes me back x

  • francesca

    This sounds like so much fun!!! I want to go to one!!!

  • fashion-mommy

    I love the sound of this, although Britpop rather than normal pop would be my music choice.

  • This sounds like so much fun! The 90s was such a brilliant time for music.

  • What a cool party! I hope you had lots of fun. I wish I could go too 🙂

  • 90s music is the best. Sounds like a fab party.

  • Ah we were going to book to go to one of these the other weekend but my friend couldn’t make it. We definitely are in the future though xx

  • Baby Isabella

    Thats great value for everything that you get included – sounds like a right laugh! Right up my mummy’s street….backstreet….

  • Naomi JC

    I would have really loved this sort of thing pre baby haha I used to love clubbing , I had a lot of nights at the grand night clubbing in Clapham

  • Yasmin Rebecca

    This looks awesome! I would love a 90’s themed night out, it sounds like amazing value too! x

    Y x The Sweet Seven Five

  • Kira L Curtis

    I hope this comes near me, sounds so amazing! I was born late 90s but still know plenty of people who would love this!