Review | MeatMarket, Covent Garden

Despite being a big-time burger eater, I’d never actually been to either MeatLiquor or it’s sister restaurant, MeatMarket. Basically, I am a terrible London meat eater because everyone seems to chat away about them and I get a shocked look when I say I haven’t been. It was totally time to rectify that.

Late last year, I met up with a couple of my lovely friends (Hi Maks and Em) while they had a break between Harry Potter and the Cursed Child shows (jealous) to catch up over a burger. As it’s a strictly no reservations eatery, we were expecting to have to queue up, but to our surprise there was actually a table free when we arrived. Bingo.

MeatMarket Covent Garden, LondonMeatMarket Covent Garden, London

The restaurant decor had an old-school Americana vibe, with large red, white and black signage and a good amount of neon. I really liked the signs hanging from the ceiling, which were actually ‘lonely hearts’ style dating ads. There’s loads to look at around the place, so even if you go solo you won’t be bored.

The menu offers up not just burgers, but a small yet perfectly curated list of meaty delights. There are just four styles of beef-based burger on the list, three chicken burgers, buffalo wings, ‘Monkey Fingers’ (battered fillets of marinated chicken breast slathered in hot pepper sauce), two hotdog varieties and some veggie options. On the sides menu, there’s deep fried mac and cheese – which I’m quite annoyed with myself that I didn’t try…

We went up to the counter to place our orders, and waited for our names to be called. This is no table service joint! I do actually really like counter-order places though, it’s much quicker than table service, so great if you’re in a rush. Even the drinks machine was self service – which I’m actually a big fan of, as I get to drink as much Diet Pepsi as I can handle (and even take away a cup for the train home). Thankfully, the toilets were close to our table…

MeatMarket Covent Garden, LondonMeatMarket Covent Garden, London

(Not the best photos, because I was totally unprepared so snapped these on my old phone. Too busy eating all the food to properly care. Sorry not sorry.)

I went for the Dead Hippie Burger, cause it’s a bit of a MeatMarket classic, I hear. It contains two French’s Mustard fried beef patties, the top secret Dead Hippie Sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles and minced white onions.

And it was goood. Juicy, a good amount of dirty greasiness, although perhaps the patties felt a little on the small side, despite there being two in the bun. And I’m still none the wiser to what’s in the Dead Hippie sauce – but it had a slight tang to it, along with a creaminess that went perfectly with the patties. Totally better than Big Mac sauce, any day.

The fries were crispy and hot, more Burger King than Maccies in style – but nicer than both, obv. They could definitely have done with a lil more seasoning, mind you (especially as I’ve recently had Honest Burger’s rosemary salted fries and honestly, those badboys are game changers).

Compared to other ‘drop in’, counter service burger joints I’ve been to in London, MeatMarket is definitely doing pretty well. Maybe not the best burgers in the city, but if you’re looking for a quick pop-in place before heading to the theatre or a quick mid-shopping refuel, MeatMarket is definitely a great choice.

Jubliee Market Hall, The Deck, Tavistock St, London WC2E 8BE
020 7240 4852

  • Hungry_Healthy_Happy

    Now that looks like an epic burger. I am always looking for new burger places to try.

    • Same here! I also tried and really enjoyed Honest Burger recently, if you’re looking for another recommendation!

  • I have not heard of this before, we are going into London next Monday for my husbands birthday, may have to take a trip here looks amazing x

    • Do it! And let me know your thoughts!

  • I was hungry before reading this, now I’m starving. I’ve never been (not a London dweller) but it looks awesome xx

    • Aw, sorry for the hunger enabling! Definitely pop in for a visit if you’re down this way!

  • Ah I’m so pleased for you that you’ve tried Meat Liquor’s tasty delights – they’re my fave! I can’t get enough of their burgers. They opened one in Croydon recently and it takes all my willpower not to be in there every weekend.

    • I can’t believe I still haven’t been! I could definitely eat burgers in general every weekend though haha!

  • Yeah I wasn’t a huge fan of MeatMarket although you missed out on the fried Mac n cheese that was my favourite!! x

    • Aw no, how come? They did sound awesome, def regretting my choice not to have them a bit!

  • It looks like a good place to pop in for a quick meal when you are out and about and your burger sounds pretty good, though the patties do look a bit on the small size. I would have had to give the fried Mac n Cheese a try though! x

    • I wish I’d tried them too!

  • Hannah Latoya Bond

    I love burgers and this looks like a great place to get one. I really like all the new burger places that are opening

    • Me too – can’t get enough of burgers!

  • These burgers look amazing! I’ve been to Meat Liquor in Leeds a couple of years ago but I need to revisit soon! xo

    • Oooh I didn’t know it had branched out beyond London actually!

  • OMG YES! These burgers look amazing, but they do look a tad small in comparison to the bun! I’d still eat it though!

    • I think the fact there were two in there did help!

  • Deborah Nicholas

    OH those burgers look amazing – its not somewhere ive been but would def love to try!

    • I really enjoyed it!

  • It sounds like an great place to grab a quick burger. I love American style diners! The patty looks enormous but lovely xx

    • Me too, there are plenty to choose from here!

  • I just got back from dining out and that burger is still making me drool! I love that it was mustard fried!

    • It definitely added to the taste 🙂

  • Annie Brooks

    …we need to do food next time I see you – can we go here please?!

    • Yes! Definitely! <3

  • I’ve never been here before either – but it looks amazing. You can’t beat a good burger in London! x

    • London is so good for burger options!

  • I’ve been to meat liquor before but never done the non table service. I think I’d go there if I’d exhausted all my other burger options. Have you had Patty and Bun? I had one the other week and it was amazing x

    • I’d love to go to MeatLiquor too! And I still haven’t tried Patty and Bun, I keep hearing such good things though!

  • Charlotte

    I’ve been to Convent Garden many time since but I never knew this place existed. My husband would love it!

    • You should totally take him there as a nice surprise next time you’re around!

  • I haven’t even heard of it before which is amanzing as I used to go to London a lot. Looks like a good place to eat, sometimes all you need is a burger and fries

    • Indeed – such an easy meal out!

  • Yasmin Rebecca

    Ahhh I love a good meat eatery! I’ve only been to London a handful of times but I’m sure I can seek something like this out in Manchester or around the north at the very least. I think your pictures are amazing!

    Y x The Sweet Seven Five

    • Thank you! There are so many great burger joints popping up these days, definitely gonna be something good in Manchester (and then you can recommend me one for next time I visit there!)

  • Melissa Zia

    This looks like a very nice place to go, I will have to go next time I am in London

  • My Two Mums

    I keep reading reviews about this place and would love to visit, but a 4 hour round trip to sample might take a bit of convincing of my wife to go with me.

  • That burger looks epic! Looks like a great place to go and eat.

  • francesca

    I’m also one of those people that gets the weird looks because I haven’t been yet!!!! I so want to go though and reading this and seeing the photos has made me really excited about it!! Shame its counter service but as you said thats sometimes quicker so there are perks!

  • Harriet @ Toby&Roo

    That burger, oh my goodness, it looks amazing! I do love a good burger house!

  • I’ve never been to this place, but the burgers look quite nice. Need to check it on my next visit to Covent Garden 😉

  • Baby Isabella

    My mummy has heard great things about The MeatMarket in Covent Garden. The dishes sound fab!

  • oh wow this place looks and sounds amazing and that burger is to die for yes its somewhere I would certainly go