Expensive Things I’d Like To Own One Day

These days, I feel like I’m becoming less and less of a ‘stuff’ person. Honestly, I’d rather spend my money on travel and experiences rather than having 30 lipsticks in pretty much the same shade. But there are a select few specific ‘luxury’ things I’d actually really like to have in my life. Hello to my short but very, very sweet luxury lust list…

A snazzy little (pink) car

Although driving in London would legit give me the biggest heebie-jeebies in my life, I do miss driving in general. Hopping in my little Fiat Punto (which I named Giles after the Buffy the Vampire Slayer character, obviously) and driving to meet friends in the city, or just zipping along quiet roads singing my lungs out to my fave emo tracks. If I could have any car, it’d be a cute little Fiat Punto. Pink, to match my hair, obviously.

Some fancy time-telling wrist candy

Whether it’s a dignified second hand rolex or a shiny lil number from Michael Kors, anyone else think those kinda people who wear a watch every day just seem like the kinda people with their lives in order? Instead of fumbling about in my bargain backpack to find my slightly-battered phone, I can stylishly flick my wrist upwards and inform whoever wants to know that it’s ten past five.

An iMac

I used to work on Macs in one of my old jobs, and they’re just really great for creative types. For a start, I could actually maybe get myself back on Final Cut Pro and do some YouTube. Plus, I could do the fabulous ‘office shot’ Instagrams that all the top bloggers do.

The world’s biggest pyjama wardrobe

Seriously though, how good are pyjamas? I got a lovely checked pair from Debenhams for Christmas and they’re insanely cosy and snug. Sorry Primark – I love my Adventure Time jimjams still, but there’s something about quality cotton as you slide them on that makes your body feel wrapped up in a cosy material hug.

A Mulberry handbag

Designer clothes don’t interest me in the slightest. I’m a H&M gal with my floral dresses, velvet skirt and band tees through and through. BUT. I’ve always kinda wanted a Mulberry Alexa handbag. One, because I do love the design, style and size. If you’re gonna splash that much cash on something, it’s gotta be something you actually properly love, right?

A private jet

Because…well…who wouldn’t?!

What luxury buys would you most like to have in your life?

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