Winner, Winner | 2016’s Best Competition Wins

I wasn’t actually going to write this post, more because I didn’t really think to write it until I remembered how well some of my previous ‘what I’ve won’ posts have gone down. And because I love reading posts like this myself. Because I’m a super nosy human.

To catch you up fast if you’re newish to town, I’m a comper. Which means I enter competitions in a rather meticulously organised fashion to try and win things. Basically, it’s a pretty handy way to not have to pay for things that I couldn’t afford and wouldn’t be able to consider buying for myself usually. Plus, it can all be done while sitting in front of the TV, on my phone on my lunchbreak, or even on the train.

And as you’ll be able to see from what I’ve won this year, sometimes it works out pretty nicely…


Right at the beginning of the year, I managed to win a meal at Gordon Ramsay’s Heddon Street Kitchen, dessert at Hawksmoor and cocktails at MASH. We actually went for the night out on the weekend we’d moved into our flat, so it was a fantastic treat after lugging heavy boxes around all weekend!

Also won in January: Sally Hansen nail set (around £300 worth of product!), £20 Nandos gift card, Bahamas Goody Bag, Adventure Travel Show tickets, £50 Champneys voucher, bottle of beer.



February saw one of my favourite wins to date – a stay at the Grosvenor Hotel in Victoria, with dinner in the restaurant and tickets to see Miss Atomic Bomb, starring Catherine Tate. Although the hotel restaurant meal wasn’t amazing, the suite (yep, SUITE) we stayed in was incredible. I have no shame in the fact I took two baths during one overnight stay…

I also ticked a prize off my bucket list when we won some tickets to attend the premiere of Sacha Baron Cohen’s Grimsby in Leicester Square. I’d never been to a film premiere before, and it was really exciting walking down the red carpet, metres away from Johnny Vegas and Alex Zane. And to fully finish off a month of show-based wins, and do something I was INSANELY excited about – I won tickets to the Goosebumps Alive show at The Vaults, Waterloo.

Also won in February: Top from SportSister, Careers book, Thornton’s selection box, Lush/Soap and Glory goodies, Book of Mormon tickets


More food in March came in the form of a dinner for four at upmarket Mayfair pub The Punchbowl, which I took with Conor and my parents when they came down to visit. It was nice that it was me taking them for dinner for a change!

Also won in March: NYX lipstick, Wine DVD, Deliciously Ella Every Day cookbook, £50 cash, £50 Amazon voucher, Churchill Umbrella, blowdry at Headmasters



April was a quiet month, with only two prizes coming in – and both makeup ones! I managed to win myself a Smashbox mascara, and a big bundle of beauty goodies.


In May, I managed to get two tickets to one of my fave festivals for free, as I won a pair in 2000 Trees‘ big competition. Each band had two tickets to give away, and thanks to picking one of the smaller, unknown ones, I managed to attend the festival for free!

I did pretty well in general this month, winning tickets to Mutiny Fest in Portsmouth (which I unfortunately couldn’t attend, so gave away the tickets) and Action Against Hunger’s Auction Against Hunger. We ate loads of delicious street food from awesome London vendors, and watched Gary Lineker host the auction itself!

Also won in May: Jimmy Choo perfume, Peroni masterclass tickets, Tabl Supper in the Suburbs tickets, tanning products, My Favourite Manson Girl book



Another quiet month, but burgers and cocktails at Hard Rock Cafe were a tasty highlight. And I had a new dress to wear for them, after winning one from Pink Clove in a blog giveaway.


One of my most impressive and useful wins came in July, in the form of £300 of Love2Shop gift vouchers from a thread on Mumsnet (sometimes I enter comps in the most unlikely of places…). They were well spent, mostly on lots of things from Matalan and an emergency Iceland food shop when I ran out of money at the end of the month…

Also won in July: Vincent Niclo CD (no idea who he is, it was a runner up prize!), Hotel Chocolat selection box

grimsby-premiere-red-carpetBook of Mormon tickets


Thanks to a huge box of Astonish cleaning products appearing on my doorstep, I haven’t had to buy any more all year (and there were so many, the collection is still going strong!)

Also won in August: 3 months supply of Skinade


A £100 Amazon voucher on Twitter was definitely a good start to the month’s wins, and I had quite a few good ones coming in over the rest of the month. A particular highlight was a book, LA Weatherly’s ‘Broken Sky’. I’d normally never have thought to pick the book up, but I was so hooked I ordered the second in the series immediately, and already have the third on pre-order.

Also won in September: True Stories DVD, Encona Sauces, Veetee rice hamper, Legends of Tomorrow Series 1 DVD, at home breakfast experience (which I still need to take!)


October & November

These can go into one, cause I got lazy/super busy and stopped entering things for a while. In the space of the whole two months, all I ended up winning was Beck Season 1 on DVD!


Thankfully, in December my entries and wins picked up nicely. I managed to win two Instagram comps within days of each other (my comping Insta is @millyyma if you wanna follow along!) – the first was a lovely Olivia Burton watch via Silver Tree Jewellery. Normally I don’t wear a watch and I’m fussy about what I like – but this is a fabulously simple one with a black strap and gold hardware. I love it!

I also won a nice Christmas present for Conor – a pair of men’s Adidas Originals trainers from Tessuti. He chose bright red ones, and hasn’t really taken them off since.

Finally, to end the year on a high, I got a phonecall at my desk. Usually I’m prepared to do my best Bridget Jones impression and shout ‘bugger off’ at the telemarketers – but this time, it turns out I’d won a spa day at Champneys! I’ve been going on about fancying a spa day for bloody ages, so this came at just the right time. I’ll be taking it in the next few months, when I’ll definitely be in need of some R&R.

Also won in December: Elizabeth Arden set, 6 Co-Op mince pies, chocolate coins, 2x Odeon tickets, Nior London sample box, Bluebeard’s Revenge Shaving Set, Raw Chocolate Company bundle

All in all, I’ve won 58 prizes this year, with a total value of approximately £3730. Not bad for a little hobby that I do when I’m watching TV in the evenings. Although it’s not as epic as 2015’s £10k of wins, I’ve definitely concentrated my efforts into winning things I genuinely want – and it’s definitely paid off, I think!

I would share some comping advice on here, and might do one day. But I have a workout DVD to do (back to Jillian Michaels kicking my butt in 2017…), a bath to have and WORK tomorrow, so I’ll direct you over to the capable hands of Di, who runs the blog SuperLucky – definitely the best resource I’ve found for comping advice!

Have you won anything awesome this year?

  • Hannah Latoya Bond

    Looks like you had a great year. All the best for 2017 x

  • Oh wow you’ve won some amazing prices this year! x

  • This is brilliant! I didn’t comp at all in 2016, but after reading your post I am definitely gonna take it up again. I hope 2017 is a great comping year for you! Thanks for sharing this post! x

  • Jo Wiggins

    Wow, I’ve never done any comps before but you’ve made me want to. Impressive winnings. Enjoy the spa day x

  • Wow you did have a very lucky year with some great wins 🙂 hope you are lucky again this year x

  • Natasha Mairs

    I am also comper too and am just about to write a post like this. My favourite win of 2016 was a year supply of tetley’s Tea on twitter

  • You won some really wonderful prizes last year! The spa day sounds absolutely wonderful. I hope your luck continues in 2017 x

  • Nikki Hayes

    My 2016 comping highlights include a £200 Virgin Experience gift card, a two night London break, £100 voucher, £100 prepaid Visa card, iPad Mini, festival tickets and a year’s supply of haircare products. I won approximately 100 prizes for the year, haven’t added up the value but I’d estimate around £3000. Its such a fantastic hobby if you have the time to spare – we’ve done so many things we couldn’t have afforded ourselves :o)

  • Hungry_Healthy_Happy

    Wow! You have won some awesome things. I have never won anything. Time to enter some comps I think.

  • Lisa Lambert (mumdadplus4)

    Wow this is amazing I so need to statyentering more competitions I dabble every now and then but need to do more I think x

  • Jazmin Williams

    Sounds like 2016 was quite successful for you in regards to comps! I think I should enter more 🙂

  • I won an awesome bag from Stella but apart from that nothing else :/ Can you teach me the trick to winning prizes lol?

  • Melanie Edjourian

    That’s an impressive list of wins well done. I comp too and have won some great prizes in the past. Hope you have a lucky 2017 x

  • Wow such a great list of wins, I should really start entering competitions myself x

  • Wow, lucky girl, I thought I was lucky and used to win stuff all the time, Nice! Would love the sally hanson nail set, that’s great

  • Wow, ever so lucky aren’t you! I’m so jealous! Good luck for this year! xo

  • beautykinguk

    You have done so well, it is nice to see someone win things whose blog I read, I am never sure who wins what!

  • Kira L Curtis

    Wow you’ve won so much! I don’t win competitions that much but I suppose I don’t enter than many! I should start more!

  • Bex Smith

    Well done, you had such a fab winning 2016! All the best of luck for 2017 – I received my first winning email today – something for my baby due in 16 days, yay! Love reading posts like these x

  • francesca

    Oh my goodness you have wone so much!! Thats so awesome, these little things make you feel so good right!? I never win anything wish I did!

  • Wow! You clearly are a very lucky person. The prizes must make for some great blog reviews. I look forward to reading what else you enter and win! Xx

  • I am sad here thinking damn girl I need your luck, like wow. Congrats on the fab winnings and hope 2017 brings even more luck

  • Oh wow! You’ve been so lucky this year. Congrats on it all. I love the sound of the Jimmy Choo perfume x

  • You need to teach me your ways!! x