Awesome Gift Ideas With Tatty Devine This Christmas

I’m not usually much of a jewellery girl. In fact, I can’t remember the last time I bought a new piece. It’s not that I don’t like wearing it, I’m just notoriously picky about what I like. HOWEVER. Tatty Devine is so my vibe. Quirky and unusual, they’ll bring the fun to any outfit.

Way back in July (I know, right), I went along to their Christmas preview and had a peek at their fabulous offerings. Here’s a run-down of some of my top picks – perfect for a last minute gift that doesn’t seem last minute at all, or just, y’know, as a treat for you. Because after all that Christmas shopping, you totally deserve it.

Wine Bottle and Cheese Bunting Necklaces

Tatty Devine Red Wine and Cheese Necklace

YEP. You heard right. Two of the best things around your neck. Although they’re seperate items, they go together totally perfectly. Like the real things!

Sewing Machine and Pinking Shears Necklaces

Tatty Devine Sewing Machine necklace

If you’ve got crafty pals, one of these would make the perfect pressie. Annoyingly, the sewing machine necklace isn’t on their website – so if you’re really keen on getting your hands on it, it’d be worth checking in store!

Glitter Heart Brooch

Tatty Devine Christmas decorations

This is definitely something from the range that’ll go way beyond New Year’s Eve. Plus, it’s just £20, which means a lot more in budget for Secret Santa with your pals. Or, y’know, as a present to yourself!

Bauble Bracelet

Tatty Devine Bauble Bracelet

For a more subtle dose of festive cheer, this bracelet is ideal for someone who loves Christmas as much as they love charms! It was probably one of my favourite pieces, and definitely something that’d be worn Christmas after Christmas for years to come.

Christmas Tree & Snowman Brooches

Tatty Devine Christmas Brooches

THE SNOWMAN IS SO CUTE, I JUST CAN’T DEAL. Perfect for a little touch of Christmas cheer over the holidays!

Galaxy Statement Necklace

Tatty Devine Galaxy Statement Necklace

At £150 it’s a bit pricier than some of the other picks – but for a really special gift that’ll get hella wear out of it, this definitely tops the ‘special present’ list.

Swan Lake Statement Necklace (£225)

Tatty Devine Christmas Swan Necklace

For anyone really wanting to splash out on something totally unique, this swan necklace definitely defines the concept of ‘statement’ necklaces!

Harlequin Bunting Necklace

Tatty Devine Christmas Bunting Bracelet

For something quite simple that makes an impact, I love how bright and fabulous this is – with just the right amount of sparkle! Festive but still wearable at any time of the year when you wanna get a bit party-party.

What are your faves from the Tatty Devine Christmas range?

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