Seven Reasons to Visit Nottingham

I have quite the affinity with the city of Nottingham. I visit at least twice a year to see friends, my younger brother lives there, and my parents are currently in the process of scoping out places to live there too. So, chances are, it’s a place I’ll likely be spending more time in. And definitely a brilliant place for a city break. Here are seven reasons why you should check it out…

There are plenty of cool things to do
Alright, I admit it, I tend to not indulge as much as I should in all the things there are to do in Nottingham. Usually because I’m preoccupied with seeing people I don’t get to see enough and drinking all the beers. If you visit, don’t be me. There’s loads of historical places of interest, including Nottingham Castle, and the City of Caves attraction. You can get your crime and punishment fix at the Galleries of Justice Musuem, and pay a visit to the stunning Wollaton Hall.

Visit Nottingham

The streets are beautiful
As much as the attractions in the city are pretty cool, for me, just exploring it is a whole load of awesome. Because it’s so darn pretty and quirky and lovely. The maze of little streets in the Lace Market area of the city are wonderful to potter around. Look up for historical, well-kept facades, and some of the most Instagram-friendly buildings around.

The nightlife is awesome
Nottingham has tons of cool pubs and bars to spend your evenings in, whether you’re up for full-on partying or a chilled out time. A favourite of mine is the Pit & Pendulum, with epic gothic-style decor and ‘Seven Deadly Sins’ themed cocktails. And if you need the loo, you’ll have to find the secret door in the bookcase…

Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem Nottingham

…and it’s home to the oldest pub in England!
If you fancy sipping on some ale/wine/Diet Coke (delete as appropriate) in a proper old world pub, check out Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem. It’s the oldest inn in England, dating back to 1189AD. And you can definitely tell. Crooked walls, low ceilings (sorry tall friends) and wonky floors, it’s the perfect place to indulge in a bit of history while drinking. I basically like to call it educational boozing. That’s a thing, right?

Shopping to your heart’s content 
Honestly, Nottingham is probably one of my favourite places in the UK to do a little spot of shopping. And who doesn’t love a good shop? Small enough to be able to get to all the stores you want easily, yet big enough to have a massive variety. Whether you wanna have a big Primark binge, splurge on designer goodies or potter around quirky boutiques, you’ll find something to splash your cash on very easily indeed.

Sunday roast pub lunch in Nottingham

You can get some decent grub
Annie’s Burger Shack is another popular one for when I’m meeting up with friends. The first time I ate there, it was a room in a pub – now it’s a whole restaurant, and a super popular one with the Notts locals. I’d also definitely recommend a Sunday roast at The Cross Keys – fancy enough to pass for a posh restaurant, but still affordable – you can get two courses for £12.95.

It’s great for alternative culture
Nottingham definitely has a thriving alternative scene – with awesome gigs at Rock City, and plenty of bars and pubs with rock, metal and punk on their jukeboxes. As mentioned above, the Pitcher & Piano is a great place to head to if you’re not keen on a night of chart tunes, and for a full-on night out, head to Hey Hey Hey on Saturday nights at Rock City. A main room of rock bangers, underground rock and hardcore in the Basement and ‘guilty pleasures’ in the Black Cherry Lounge. Sorted.

  • Nottingham has a CASTLE?! Say wha’? x

  • My brother went to uni in Nottingham and now lives there. I fell in love with it the first time I visited and have fallen in love with it even more every other time I’ve been since!! I went at Christmas a few years ago – the little market in the centre was so cute. It’s such a gorgeous city – I need to visit again soon!Xx

    LUCY |

  • I’ve only been there once, it was this year for a local day festival, but i ended up in the pit and pendulum! x

  • Leah Shafik

    I don’t live far from Nottingham but every time I go I get so lost round the one way system! It is lovely but I am a Derbyshire girl and a Steelers fan so Nottingham have always been our rivals. x

  • LaaLaa

    I’ve definitely not taken advantage of travelling the UK and the fact I like history and the pub dates back to 1189AD is awesome – need to see for myself x

  • Laura

    Ooh i’ve never been to Nottingham before but after seeing your post, I’d love to go, especially to visit that pub! xxx

  • When I was studying for my Open University science degree all the residential schools were held in the University of Nottingham. I loved visiting there! Never got a chance to go to that pub though, I must remedy that!

  • I’ve been to Nottingham a few times, but how have I never been to Pit & Pendulum?! It sounds like my ideal place x

  • I love a historical place and would love to visit that pub. I’m ashamed to say I have never been to Nottingham.

  • Melanie Edjourian

    Glad to hear that the shopping is good there. I’ve not been to Nottingham before although we may have driven past a few times.

  • Bex Smith

    I must admit I’ve never been to Nottingham before but would definitely consider visiting there for the day

  • Tanya Brannan

    I haven’t been to Nottingham for many years now, but remember the fun I have had there. I think it’s past time I should go back and give it another go! xx

  • Anthea

    I haven’t been to Nottingham for years. I went to college in Derby so often hoped on the train to Nottingham in my youth. It was great for food, fashion and fun all those years ago .. glad nothing seems to have changed.

  • We’re off to Nottingham in a few weeks – sounds like there’s some great places to visit.

  • Jessica Dearnley

    I’ve never been to Nottingham but I will definitely put this on my UK bucket list after reading this.

  • Karoliina Kazi

    Nottingham sounds so lovely and I will definitely add it to our list of places to visit since we’ve never been.

  • Jasmin N

    Nottingham sounds like an lovely place! I’ve never been to there, but I’ll definitely add this to my bucket list of places to visit before I die 🙂

    ~ Jasmin N
    Little Things With Jassy

  • Nottingham Castle is something I’d like to visit a lot. I have no doubt you can get a good feed there too! What you got there looks very filling!

  • I’ve heard that the Nottingham night life has really improved over the past couple of years. Great roundup of a place I haven’t visited for ages!

  • Kitty Limon

    I never considered visiting Nottingham but may have to at some point seems like a lovely place 🙂

  • My Instagram is always missing some cute photos of the city streets and Nottingham is so lovely that I consider visiting it. Of course, not only because of that, but being this cute makes it a plus!