Things I’ve Loved This Week 09.10.16

So, I haven’t done one of these for a while now. And I really like doing them.

I also happen to have a terrible memory for little happy happenings throughout the week, so I started writing this on Tuesday, adding bits as I go along. And it seems to have worked! Genius. Here are ten things I’ve loved in the past week…

1 | A productive Monday off
Seriously though, having a Monday off is the best feeling ever. Everyone else is moaning about going back to work/Uni as I scroll through Twitter at 10am still in my PJs. It definitely wasn’t a lazy Monday off though! I managed to clean the flat, get blog posts done AND head to the gym. Check me out, li’l productivity gremlin over here.

2 | Getting back to Slimming World
Alright, so I chucked up a shot of a badass mega burger on Instagram, but I actually ate that last week. This week, I decided to rejoin Slimming World as my weight’s crept up over the past year to a point where I’m not feeling as great about myself. I feel like I have a weight/size I’m comfortable at, which I reached before. And want to reach again. So here’s to Mullerlights and Mugshots, and saving up all my Syns so I can use them on prosecco. *cheers*

3 | Lush bubble bars
I finally got to the end of my massive Christmas Lush stocks a couple of months back (I know. THAT much), and hadn’t actually had the chance (or cash) to fill my bathroom cabinet with more. Boo! But Conor picked me up a Big Bang Bubble Bar and I fell into a citrus heaven in my bathtub. Dreamy.

Matalan bargains

4 | Matalan bargains
I haven’t actually been clothes shopping in what feels like about ten years. I legit can’t remember the last non-functional item of clothing I bought myself. So on the way home from work, I had a good ol’ splurge in my local Matalan. I picked up a fabulous camo jacket (inspired by the stylish babe that is Hannah Gale), THREE pairs of shoes (it’s cool, one pair are black boots which are basically essentials, yeah?) and a long sleeve, stripy, cold shoulder top. I have a severe cold shoulder thing at the moment which is good cause it’s bloody everywhere. Oh, and some boring workout leggings but y’all don’t care about those. And all of that came to just £90 (using a sneaky student discount…). Yessss.

5 | L.A Weatherly’s Broken Trilogy 
Okay, well, alright, she’s only released two books from it so far. But they’re awesome. I won the first book, Broken Sky, in a competition, and basically devoured it as if it was pizza and I hadn’t eaten for a month. The end had such a twist that I just had to pre-order the sequel, Darkness Follows, which I’m currently getting stuck into. Think dystopian premise, badass heroine and great storytelling, and you’re on the right lines.

6 | A meal with a view
On Wednesday, I headed over to Greenwich for a ‘Secret Supper’ with Fuller’s Kitchens. The Sail Loft definitely shouldn’t be a secret as it has incredible views over the Thames, and a great menu. Full post coming very soon!

Sail Loft London Greenwich restaurant review

7 | Catching up with some fave blogging faces (and meeting new ones!)
On Thursday, I popped down to Finch’s Pub in Moorgate to hang out with Traverse and Affilinet, to learn a bit more about affiliate marketing and build some relationships with some pretty awesome brands. Also, to drink plenty of wine, obviously. And to take some silly selfies with props. And hang out with Erin and Luisa and to meet lots of new faces. This is how you do Thursdays…well, at least until 9pm. Because…

8 | The Apprentice
HOLY SHIT THE APPRENTICE IS BACK and I am so happy about this. Seriously, the sassy Sugar weekly hour is probably my favourite run of telly all year. From now on, please don’t invite me places on a Thursday, kthanks. (I still miss Nick Hewer though…)

9 | Moose Blood
I just can’t get enough of this band, seriously. I went along to KOKO on Friday night to catch them play a headline show that sold out months ago. It was meant to be an ‘album tour’ for Blush, but the fact this had sold out long before the album was even out goes to shows how much people are lovin’ on these guys right now. The songs sounded awesome, and I got to see lots of people I like and drink wine to a soundtrack of one of my favourite current bands. Amazing. Even if I did struggle to see over all the tall people in front of me…

10 | Wearing jeans 
Despite previous attempts to find the perfect denim, I’ve never been a huge jeans wearer. But George at ASDA have only gone and bloody converted me properly with their Wondershape black skinnies. Just £20 a pop and they’re insanely flattering and comfortable. Perfect for keeping my legs warm all winter!

Hope you’ve all had a wonderful weekend – let me know what you’ve been loving this week!

  • Kacie

    I too am reconsidering joining Slimming World! Lost almost three stone in a year a good few years back – since taking up food blogging and generally becoming a slob, I’ve put it all back on 🙁

    • Ha I know the feeling, I blame food blogging for everything! Hopefully I’ll be able to share the healthier side of eating out on here 🙂

  • Those burgundy shoes are so fab! Sounds like you’ve had a really good week, too!

    She Likes to Shop

  • I really wish I had been able to see Moose Blood but i was over at the forum seeing of mice and men. I need to take a better look in Matalan as I never find cool things like this when I go x

    • Ahh I’m pretty sure so many people I know were at one or the other. Definitely a big night for gigs, hope you had fun!

  • Nayna Kanabar

    I love your shoes from Matalan, and yes you are right having Mondays is really nice as it makes the weekend even longer.

    • Thankyou! Definitely enjoyed my four-day week!

  • Jo Wiggins

    Huge apprentice fan over here too, I get hooked every year! Love the idea of documenting your week x

    • It’s just so addictive right?!

  • everinmay

    Those burgundy shoes look gorgeous! You’ve done so much, I’m feeling very boring lol, loving the apprentice so far! Xx

    • They’re so nice (apart from being a little small!)

  • I am excited The Apprentice is back too. Can’t wait to binge on it.

    • Time for lots of shouting at the telly/irate Tweeting, yay!

  • Hannah Heartss ❄️⛄️

    I love lush bubble bars, I need to stock up on them soon x

    • I definitely need to replenish my cupboard with them!

  • Good luck on Slimming World, I’ve been on it for a few months now and have lost a stone and a half with not much effort! x

    • Thankyou! It works so well, I was so shocked first time round as I was eating pasta, rice and potatoes like nobody’s business!

  • It was so awesome to see you on Wednesday. I haven’t been to Matalan in so long but after seeing your bargains I need to check it out.

    Emma Inks

    • Matalan is my new shop fave. Basically because it’s 5mins from my house…

  • Emily

    I love posts like this, it’s such a great idea to bunch together everything positive and a nice reflection for you too! Good Luck with slimming world, I’ve heard lots of good things about it!

    Musings & More

  • Claire Mason

    I need to get back to slimming world soon otherwise I’ll never go back

    • Aw, you should totally do it if you feel you want to. I’ve lost 1.5lb so far – it’s a start!

  • Georgina

    good old matalan! I love it in there
    Georgina Does – Travel & Lifestyle Blog

    • It’s so great! I need to go on a binge again soon…

  • What a lovely positive post m, it’s so nice to look back and reflect on the week. Good luck with slimming world and I need to check Matalan out ASAP!

  • Oh wow a great week indeed. Although I work 7 days a week so I never know the day really, a productive Monday is always fab! I feel sorry for Monday as so many people ‘hate’ it, but if you go into it with the right frame of mind it’s all good.
    Gotta love some bargains too, good on you getting yourself kitted out!
    I had to double take at #9 though haha, I’m glad that’s just a name of a band 😉


    • Haha, the Moose Blood thing made me laugh! I didn’t even think that could be read another way 😀 7 days a week AND you blog? That’s pretty epic working!

  • Tanya Brannan

    What a great week!!! I have been buying lush bubble bars like they are going out of business! I love them all!! I love the fullers kitchens but haven’t been to the one in Greenwich. Looks amazing though!

    • I’d never actually been to a Fuller’s before – definitely want to check out more of ’em now though!

  • I’m sooo excited about the apprentice too!! Also I love a matalan bargain!
    L x

    • It legit makes my Thursday. So addicted!