Review | Dinner with a view at Sail Loft, Greenwich

Like your food and drink served with a side order of EPIC VIEWS? You have to check out The Sail Loft!

Sitting at the water’s edge in maritime Greenwich, the floor-to-ceiling glass windows reveal incredible views across the River Thames. I paid a visit last week with some of my faves, and as the sun went down, the bright lights of the city provided a backdrop to an awesome evening of dining, drinking and discussing attractive chefs. Perfect.

The Sail Loft is part of the Fuller’s group, who are a pretty big name in pubs. But they’re also not your standard boozers. Fuller’s Kitchen, currently in 100 of their pubs nationwide, provide drinking and dining experiences in beautiful and iconic locations. Their focus on providing food that’s a whole lot more than ‘pub grub’ is pretty admirable. New menus every day, signed by the head chef. Signature dishes created by in house kitchen teams. Head of food Paul Dickinson is all about bringing new talent to the forefront of running the kitchens, crafting bespoke dishes while staying true to Fullers’ ‘local pub’ roots.

Sail Loft London Greenwich restaurant reviewSail Loft London Greenwich restaurant reviewOysters at Sail Loft, Greenwich, London restaurantSail Loft London Greenwich restaurant reviewSail Loft pub restaurant, Greenwich, LondonSail Loft London Greenwich restaurant reviewAntipasti at Sail Loft pub restaurant, Greenwich, London

What’s starters without a Cured Meat Platter (£8/£13)? Served with toast, olives, figs and caper berries, it’s a great sharer. Or just for yourself, that’s cool too. And in keeping with the sea-focused themes of the restaurant, we were presented with a big ol’ bowl of oysters to devour. (£9/£17). Definitely a far cry from your standard ‘pub grub’ fayre.

For the veggies, there’s a Roasted Beetroot dish (£6.50/£11) served with honeycomb, goat’s cheese mousse, almonds and grape molasses. I didn’t actually eat this one because lol beetroot fear (seriously, terrified of the stuff) but heard good things from the others who did try it! The one thing I did really want to give a go but didn’t get the chance with is their Pumpkin and Chilli Soup (£5). Because SO AUTUMNAL.

Sea bream at Sail Loft pub restaurant, Greenwich, LondonVegetarian food at Sail Loft pub restaurant, Greenwich, LondonMain courses at Sail Loft pub restaurant, Greenwich, LondonSail Loft pub restaurant, Greenwich, LondonFilled pasta at Sail Loft pub restaurant, Greenwich, LondonSail Loft pub restaurant, Greenwich, LondonHake at Sail Loft pub restaurant, Greenwich, London

Continuing the ocean-based foodie theme of the oysters, for my main course I opted for the Roasted Whole Sea Bream (£17.50). Served up with artichokes, salsify (a root vegetable belonging to the dandelion family) and kale (it also comes with mushrooms but nope, not for me), I decided it was one of the better options to fit in with my recent return to Slimming World.

The small bones in the sea bream did bother me slightly – I know it’s something that happens with fish, but it was a bit of a struggle eating around them. But otherwise, the fish itself was beautifully cooked and slightly seasoned, just enough to add to the taste. I also fell head over heels for the artichokes – HOW delicious? I’d only had them once before and they weren’t well cooked, so I wasn’t expecting to be a fan, but oh boy. When your favourite part of a dish is one vegetable, you know it’s been made very well indeed. I also really liked the salsify – something I’d never even heard of before, let alone tried. In general, it was a really well put together plate and the flavours definitely all worked together perfectly.

I also had a side of Charred Chicory, pancetta and chestnut butter…unfortunately, I wasn’t a fan, although others on the table seemed to enjoy theirs. I just don’t think chicory is my jam! Alongside my Sea Bream, other dishes on offer included a Wild Mushroom ravioli (which looked really tasty…sucks that I can’t really eat mushrooms!), 8oz Rib Eye Steak with dauphinoise chips (YUM) and Ricotta, Black Fig & Truffle Honey Quiche (which looked SO FANCY on Emma’s plate).

As well as the starters, the Sail Loft team brought out a selection of desserts to the table so we could all have a little try of everything. Definitely such a fan of this kind of food trying.

Chocolate brownie and salted caramel ice cream at Sail Loft pub restaurant, Greenwich, LondonDesserts at Sail Loft pub restaurant, Greenwich, LondonEton Mess at Sail Loft pub restaurant, Greenwich, London

The Chocolate Brownie dish (£6) in particular was such a fave. I mean, anything chocolate usually wins for me all day erryday, but with salted caramel ice cream. Come to me, mother of all sweet things. This one made me wish I had it all to myself. Actually…I probably pretty much did. Sorry guys.

Although the chocolate brownie was a winner, the Baked Alaska (£6) deserves a special mention for being bloody delicious. Crisp meringue with a berry sorbet centre, the fact that there were also poached peaches and raspberries on the plate basically makes this healthy, right? Almost? The Banoffee Sundae (£6) also went down really well with the table – creamy and packed with banana-y goodness.


Apart from the couple of bits of my main meal that I wasn’t the biggest fan of (the bones and the chicory), the food was delicious – well cooked and put together, with complementary flavours in creative dishes. Definitely not your standard ham, egg and chips down the local. If you’re looking for an upmarket twist on pub dining with INCREDIBLE views, the Sail Loft is definitely a great choice.

The Sail Loft
11 Victoria Parade, SE10 9FR
020 8222 9310
*I was a guest at Sail Loft for the evening. I really did adore that brownie.
  • LaaLaa

    The food looks scrumptious and presented so beautifully. It’s always nice to be able to eat with a nice view xo

  • Food aside, it looks like such a lovely place to go, and the food looks so good and not bad prices either x

    • If I wasn’t eating here, I’d happily just enjoy a drink and the views!

  • Jo Wiggins

    I live about 15 minutes from Greenwich so will have to try this pub one day – brownie is my favourite pudding x

    • Definitely recommend it! (the salted caramel ice cream is so good too!)

  • Ohh it looks lovely! I really like the interior too, need to explore Greenwich more!

    Jasmin Charlotte

  • I love Greenwich! I used to live so nearby, but I’ve moved now. Miss it a lot

  • Kathryn

    I live in a small town and this sort of restaurant looks like another world to me. If I had this kind of restaurant near me I would be a regular, it looks fabulously decorated and I adore seafood! The food looks insane! I’m also a brownie fan haha xx

  • Hannah Heartss ❄️⛄️

    I wish I lived closer to be able to visit. Looks incredible x

  • Wow, they really served some beautiful dishes. I’m definitely impressed with the presentation and it would be fun to try the seafood.

  • The pumpkin and chilli soup sounds amazing I would love to go to the sail loft. The pictures are beautiful.

  • Beautyqueenuk

    Oh wow, how have I never heard of this place before now, those oysters look just incredible, I am a huge fan and your photos are just amazing x

  • Sarahjane

    I have major food envy right now! Everything looks absolutely gorgeous!!!

  • Wow the food looks amazing, I’m not a fan of oysters but you can tell the quality of somewhere from the taste of them. Can’t go wrong with a chocolate brownie x

    • You definitely can! I don’t eat them much, but when I do, good ones are awesome.

  • Kelly

    This looks delicious and we’ll give it a try next time we’re in Greenwich, as we’re just down the road.

    • Worth it for the views alone, even if you’re not eating there!

  • I’ve never heard of this place before but it sounds amazing! The food looks delicious and brownies are my favourite food ever so I may have to try this place very soon x

    • BROWNIES FOR DAYS. Seriously, so so good.

  • Georgina

    Ive never seen fish look so good! x

    • Ha, I thought that too!

  • Francesca Nelson

    I love Greenwich, especially the market!! I’ve never been here though!!

    • I’ve never really explored much of Greenwich – might have to change that!

  • I’ve been here once before as its so near where I live – the view was amazing and they let doggies in which is always a bonus!

    • Aw I wish I’d seen some pub dogs in there!!

  • Ooo this looks like a great place to visit. The food sounds and looks yummy and your pics of the food are amazing!

    • Definitely worth some time if you’re ever near the area!

  • Christine Dodd

    This looks like my kind of place and the oysters look amazing!

    • I didn’t actually have one, but heard good things from those who did!

  • Melanie Edjourian

    My goodness that food does look amazing I would love to try that brownie, it looks yummy.

    • I just can’t say no to chocolate!

  • Melissa Zia

    This looks like a nice restaurant! The food is presented very nicely

    • It was so lovely 🙂

  • Hungry_Healthy_Happy

    Oh wow, I want to dive through the screen and eat those desserts. Everything looks delicious and beautifully presented.

    • They were so good – and the presentation made them so lovely to photograph!

  • I love the Fullers Group Pubs, and find the food in them to be pretty damn good, but this looks out of this world! I do come to London a lot, so hopefully I can try this one out soon x

    • I’d never actually been to one before, definitely recommend Sail Loft though!

  • Mummygadgetgeek

    This isn’t very far from me – will definitely give it a try. The sea bass looks delicious and the baked Alaska…yum!

  • Oh those desserts look incredible and I love the sound of the restaurant aesthetics really make desperate to go! Even though you’re terrified of it, the roasted betroot dish actually sounds he most appealing to me!

  • The Sail Loft looks like our kinda place! The fish selection looks amazing, might need to check it out on our next visit to London

  • The food is so nicely and creatively presented. I also like the modern industrial interior design 🙂

  • Hannah Cornish

    Gosh the food sounds deeeeeelish!! Such good pricing as well!