Hello Sweet Things: Gin & Elderflower Alcoholic Lollipops & Humbugs

As you might already know, I bloody love gin. I’m also quite partial to sweets. So a combo of the two? Hello indeed.

As well as gin, another thing I rather love is seeing female entrepreneurs kicking butt making things they love – and that’s another awesome selling point for Holly’s Lollies. 24-year-old graduate Holly Brook started experimenting in her kitchen and selling alcoholic lollipops and other awesome products on Etsy. In 2015, she launched her own online shop selling her drinks-themed sweet goods. Everything is handmade, using traditional methods and traditional recipes (with a little help from the booze store…)

I was lucky enough to get my hands on some goodies, and oh boy. I tore open the box and all of a sudden my living room was basically a boozy Willy Wonka party. Without the trippy boat ride/turning into a blueberry/little orange men singing about my misadventures, thankfully.

I’d honestly never been particularly bothered by the humbug as a sweet before. Probably because they’re confusingly minty for my tastebuds. I prefer my mints to be actual mints, and not things I’m expecting to taste completely not-minty. That was a nonsensical ramble. But these Gin and Elderflower Humbugs (£6.50) blew my lil’ mind with how un-traditional they were. Instead of a mint taste, they’re super sweet and refreshing, with the elderflower vibes definitely coming through.

Alcoholic lollipops and sweet giftsAlcoholic lollipops and sweet giftsAlcoholic lollipops and sweet gifts

If you’re more of a lolly person, that’s cool too. I also tried out the Alcoholic Gin & Elderflower Lollipops (£6.50 for 5) and the mega awesome Gin & Elderflower Giant Lollipop (£3.50). It really really definitely is giant. I couldn’t even get through the whole thing in the time it took to watch an episode of Criminal Minds last night.

The humbugs have a shelf life of 12 months (but they’ll be gone in more like 12 minutes, right?), and the packaging is majorly Instagram-worthy. Basically, they’re the perfect gift for a gin-loving friend. Or a gin-loving you, whatever.

If gin’s not your thing (um, sure…), Holly’s Lollies have plenty of other boozy flavours on offer. Cherry and Amaretto, Passion Fruit Mojito, Whisky & Cola and classic ol’ British Cider.

If you’re squealing GIMME THOSE GIN SWEETIES at your screen right now, I’ve also got an exclusive discount code for ya. Gin AND moneysaving? I’m the best, right. Just pop the code MillyGin in at the checkout for 20% off any gin products.

Next month, I’ll be sharing another flavour range with you. And it’s another good’un, trust me…let’s just say, things are gonna get fizzy and I’ll definitely be using it as an excuse to open up a bottle of somethin’. For prop purposes, obviously.

*Code valid until October 31st on gin products only.
**Products provided for review purposes.

  • LaaLaa

    I love the sound of those other flavours. It’s such a good concept, I do like Etsy for some products you can find some gems x

    • I love finding independent sellers online, buying from them is a great idea to help their business as well as getting really awesome products made with love!

  • gin and elderflower is my drink! i need to try these

    • BEST DRINK right?

  • Oh wow what a mix – I know some people who would absolutely love this mix of flavours – perhaps a little stocking filler or two for them! x

    • Definitely a good idea for Christmas!

  • Wow these are SO vibrant. I don’t even like gin, but want to try them!

    • They don’t taste heavily gin-y, so you might still like ’em!

  • This is so cool. I’d definitely be excited to see how those candies taste. I don’t know a lot about gin!

    • They’re not super heavy on the booze side, and really tasty!

  • Where have these been all my life?! Anything with gin in is amazing. and humbugs and lollipops sound awesome x

    • I know right! Boozy sweets FTW.

  • These look amazing and so colourful! I might just have to treat myself for christmas 🙂

    • Definitely do it! They’re really affordable too, especially for handmade and such lovely looking sweets 🙂

  • So good right! And yesss new series (I may have been sneakily watching the first couple of episodes online already…!)

  • Hungry_Healthy_Happy

    Alcoholic lollipops sound amazing. These would be great stocking stuffers for Christmas.

  • Kathryn

    These would make sweet little stocking fillers for any gin lover xx

    • I’ll definitely be giving them as presents myself!

  • Jo Wiggins

    I LOVE the name Holly’s Lollies 🙂 I must admit I don’t like Elderflower but am partial to gin x

    • Such a cute name right?! 🙂

  • Christine Dodd

    I’m not a gin lover but I would love to try the cherry and amaretto ones.

    • They sound amazing too!

  • I love the sound of the alcoholic lolipops! 🙂

  • Nayna Kanabar

    I am so going to get these for my gin mad friend.

  • The alcoholic lollipops sound amazing. I bet they will be.

  • Emma Bee

    wow, i love these! how awesome! its a bit like vodka jellies!
    love your photography and defo instagrammy! (julie Wright)

  • Harriet @ Toby&Roo

    I’ve seen these on instagram, they look epic! I want some now haha!

  • beautykinguk

    I think the wife would like these as she likes Gin and elderflower, not too sure they are for me but the bright green would catch my attention.

  • My brother and sister in law love Gin so this would be perfect for them – thanks for sharing x

  • Hannah Heartss ❄️⛄️

    My friend would love the SO I might have to get her some x

  • Melanie Edjourian

    These sound like the perfect gift for my friend she would looooove these 😉

  • These look absolutely fantastic, I definitely want to try them!

  • Jenni Grainger

    Oh these would make great stocking fillers x

  • fashion-mommy

    These are a great idea, I bet they taste amazing, love elderflower.