Phobophobia & Gothic Midtown

Looking for a last-minute scarefest this Halloween? Here are a couple of ways to spook yourself silly. And one includes booze.

Phobophobia – London Bridge Experience

Last week, I headed to the launch of Phobophobia at the London Bridge Experience. I’ve actually wanted to go to the London Bridge Experience for ages and never got around to it, so it was a pretty cool chance to check out the experience and particularly Phobophobia, the special, adults-only Halloween special.

Upon arrival, we sipped on drinks, chatted away and waited for our turn to meet our doom. Oh, and took silly photos with creepy props, obviously. The other groups took so long coming back, we felt like there was something sinister afoot. Finally, we were ‘welcomed’ in, and went down into the tunnels…

And it was pretty bloody scary. The tunnels are small, cramped and claustrophobic, and as we went through them we never knew what was around the corner. Including some majorly creepy things…no spoilers, you have to face these fears yourself!

It wasn’t as long or story based as similar attractions I’ve been to (like the London Dungeons and Goosebumps Alive), but some of the rooms were just pure jump scares. We were quite a big group, which I felt glad for – if there’d been more of us I definitely would have been hella freaked out.

Here’s a little peek at what went down…

Phobophobia runs at The London Bridge Experience until Monday 31st October (Halloween, obv). Tickets are usually £26.95, but AttractionTix have a very special deal where you can save over 70% and pick yours up for £15.50. Go forth and be scared. And definitely go for a wee first, okay?

Gothic Midtown Scare Walk & Pop Up Bar, Holborn

Gothic Midtown Cocktails

This week, I was told to head to a London location for a surprise before heading out on a Scare Walk with Derek Acorah (yep, that Derek Acorah off the telly) in ‘Gothic Midtown’ near Holborn. Apparently one of the most haunted areas of London, so I’ve been told. Eek indeed.

After catching up with a couple more guests, we were met with our surprise. Which comprised of two horses and one gothic old-fashioned cart. I basically felt like a combination of Her Majesty and something from Sleepy Hollow as we trotted along the streets of London, with passers by waving and taking snaps as we went. Possibly one of the strangest and most absolutely awesome things I’ve done in the city to date.

Once we arrived at the start of the Scare Walk itself, we were met with hot apple juice with vodka in. So wonderfully creepy-Autumn-night-ish. The walk itself was more atmospheric than jump-out-your-skin-pee-your-pants scary, and Derek did a fantastic job of setting the scene before a walk through the park. The whole walk was well-acted, with performers that definitely immersed you in their world. There are definitely a couple of creepy surprises along the way though…

Gothic Midtown Scare Walk

If you’re not willing to take a wander in the dark, you could just go straight to the bar, which is free entry. Set in an old, gothic building and featuring DJs, tarot card readers and ouija board setups, it’s definitely a pretty cool place to have some Halloween fun.

And from 6-7pm, it’s happy hour – all cocktails half price. In the name of research, I tried all five (research is brill), and can definitely recommend the ‘Coffin Lining’. Yep, they’ve all got spooky names too. Oh, and also, AMAZING sausage rolls. The man who made those sausage rolls is going to be my new best chum. Seriously. He just doesn’t know it yet.

Tickets for the Scare Walk (with a free drink at the bar after and warm booze on the walk) are £20, or £15 for the Scare Walk booze-free, available here. The walks and bar are both open from tomorrow (Friday), evenings from 6pm, until the 31st.

What are you upto this Halloween?

*Both events were press previews, just so ya know. I nearly met Derek Acorah, but got distracted by sausage rolls. Sorry Derek.

  • Sarahjane

    I loved the London Bridge experience when I went! This looks so creepy…it’s fantastic!

  • Hungry_Healthy_Happy

    That does look super scary. Sadly we aren’t doing anything this Halloween, as my baby is due.

  • Galina V

    OMG those dolls are seriously creepy, as it the whole venue. What was the Coffin lining cocktail?

  • Jodie Whitham

    Thanks for sharing 🙂 I think I will just be netflixing it up! These look so fun though 🙂

  • Now this is cool. I’d definitely have to make a stop at the bar before heading in. I’d feel much more comfortable in a group!

  • Harriet @ Toby&Roo

    This looks fabulous! Also, “in the name of research” made me chortle! H x

  • Teresa Bowen

    These both sound like really fun things to do, I wouldn’t know how to chose a favourite between them.

  • What some great sounding things to do – I love the sound of Phobophobia that is something I would love to do..

  • I’ve been meaning to go to the London Dungeons for ages, but I am so jumpy I don’t know if I would cope. I actually go to Paris in about 5 hours time so I spending tomorrow in Disney searching for Jack and Sally haha x

  • The London Bridge experience sounds great. We went to Warwick Castle for Halloween! 🙂

  • This sounds like a fantastic night out! Just my sort of spooky Halloween thing 🙂

  • Beautyqueenuk

    This does sound just absolutely fantastic. The Dungeons is such an amazing attraction anyway, even without events like this, which are just cool x

  • Angela Milnes

    This sounds a little scary but fun for those who love halloween and spooky adventures.

  • Jo Wiggins

    Far too scary for me, I’m a wimp with things like this. I went to Thorpe Park fright night one year and it took me months to get over the experience x

  • i would love to go to phobophobia but i don’t live near london and don’t have any plans to head down before this finishes 🙁

  • Both those sound amazing!! Like actually amazing. I’d happily do either one!

  • Hannah Heartss ❄️⛄️

    This is far too scary for me lol I’m not a huge fan of Halloween anyway! X

  • Looks really scary! My mummy would love this, my folks have been to 2 Halloween Parties already! They like dressing up! We’d happily do this!

  • Melanie Edjourian

    OMG that first picture looks really scary. The scare walk sounds fun and I’ve be up for happy hour 😉

  • This looks great! Looks like something fun to do with friends.

  • Looks like such a scary attraction – perfect for Halloween. Possibly a bit too terrifying for me – I’m a total wuss! xo