Review | Weekend Brunch at Dirty Bones, Shoreditch

One hungover Sunday, we went for brunch. This is a story that should be told every weekend, surely. I’d already had a taste of Dirty Bones chicken and waffles at their Carnaby Street branch, so getting the chance to check out their newest opening in the heart of Shoreditch was pretty much a no-brainer. We were there quicker than you can say ‘avocado on toast’ (well, crumpets…find out more on that one in a bit!)

The Shoreditch venue is pretty different to Carnaby, decor wise – high ceilings, light colours, and the original vintage touches have been kept in place and emphasised. Around the edge of the room, plush booth seating lines the walls with tables and chairs placed around them. Space is a little sparse between tables, but the atmosphere is welcoming and friendly, with large windows allowing for lots of light to filter into the space.

Weekend Brunch at Dirty BonesWeekend Brunch at Dirty Bones coffeeWeekend Brunch at Dirty Bones cocktailsWeekend Brunch at Dirty Bones San Pellegrino lemonade

A glass of San Pellegrino lemonade with a slice of grapefruit was exactly what I needed on the road to hangover recovery. I was definitely too tender to even contemplate booze, but Dirty Bones have some great options. Their ‘Boozy Brunch Flight’ is available for £19pp when you purchase a main course, and gives you up to four alcoholic drinks. Options include a Dirty Mary Cocktail, Spiked Iced Coffee or glasses of prosecco.

In the spirit of me actually trying to be a ‘coffee person’, I actually tried some of a Dirty Bones latte. Yes, me drinking coffee. I know right? It was actually pretty enjoyable – very strong, nice and creamy and definitely a good wake-up call for a Sunday early afternoon.

Avocado Shoreditch crumpets at Dirty Bones

Avo toast? So last Instagram update. It’s all about the crumpets now. Rather than be predictable and order up a plateful of chicken and waffles, I decided to give the Shoreditch Crumpets a try. I went for the Avocado crumpets (£8.50) which came topped with chunky goats’ cheese, avocado and garlic guacamole, poached eggs, hollandaise sauce and topped off with a spicy sriracha drizzle.

The avocado was lovely and chunky, and tasted really fresh. And crumpets are ALWAYS a fave – these badboys were plenty buttery and toasted perfectly. I loved the tangy element the sriracha added, and everything together created a great palette of tastes. My only sight annoyance was that the eggs were kinda on the cold side when they came out and therefore were fully cold by the time I was finishing my meal.

Conor had the Mac Daddy burger (£10), a 6oz patty topped with pulled beef, short rib, mac and cheese and homemade BBQ sauce. Unfortunately, the combination of salty pulled beef and a very big bread roll made the burger taste a bit on the dry side. The addition of the mac and cheese did help slightly though, and the patty itself was well cooked and enjoyable.

Mac Daddy burger at Dirty BonesWeekend Brunch at Dirty Bones breakfast friesWeekend Brunch at Dirty Bones mac and cheese

Because we were pretty starving, we ordered two of the sides – without realising how huge they’d be! The breakfast fries (£5) were a highlight – really crispy, well salted and served with two fried eggs on top. To finish, the fries were drizzled with their homemade chipotle ketchup, which was brilliant for adding a kick to the already-amazing fries.

And, of course, mac and cheese had to happen, didn’t it? (£6.5) Dirty Bones’ is rich and creamy, topped with crispy breadcrumbs. Unfortunately, we had to leave some due to epic fullness. I know. I feel dreadful about this.


Overall, I’m really happy to see Dirty Bones expanding – I’ve enjoyed their food in the past a lot. Despite some teething issues in the new venue (e.g the cold eggs and slightly dry burger), which is bound to happen, it’s a great place to grab a spot of brunch on a lazy (hungover) Sunday.

Dirty Bones
1 Club Row, London, E1 6JX
020 7920 6434

*We were guests at Dirty Bones for a complimentary meal. Honest opinions, as per.

  • reneejessome

    The mac and cheese looks so good!

    Renee | Life After Lux

  • Oh wow what a delicious sounding place to stop for a meal – I love the look of the burger! x

  • LaaLaa

    This place looks gorgeous, I love the decor – must visit. Looks like a great place & San Pellegrino lemonade – my favourite xo

  • Christine Dodd

    What a fantastic place – I’d love to have breakfast there.

  • Jo Wiggins

    Those chips look amazing. I’m quite often in Shoreditch so will have to check this out x

  • Beautyqueenuk

    I have walked past here so many times but have never been in, now I want those chipsx

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  • Natalia Molinero Mingorance

    what a nice place to visit next time I’m in London! The food looks delicious! x

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    disappointing that the eggs and burger weren’t completely up to scratch but definitely sounds like a good place to visit

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    This food is genuinely making me salivate, it looks amazing!

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    The food looks delicious and as it it would have been quite filling, yum!!!!

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    Ela BellaWorld

  • Francesca Nelson

    Shoreditch is one of my most fave places!! I’ve not been here yet ut it sounds lovely and defo like my cup of tea! You should really try the drunken monkey in Shoreditch when you get a chance the noodles/duck and cocktails are amazing!!

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    I was literally drooling over my keyboard at the sight of those crumpets. Definitely need to do brunch more often.

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