Eight Travel Annoyances

Travel is awesome, for sure. But, like anything else, it definitely has its annoyances. When it comes to the worst things about travel, here are eight particular travel annoyances that get me every time!

1. The constant fear of forgetting your passport

The worst things about travel

The amount of times I check I’ve got my passport is legitimately ridiculous. Leaving the house, on the way to the station, on the train, five minutes later on the train, walking into the airport…pretty sure forgetting anything else would be fine. But if you’re going abroad, it’s a pretty necessary thing.

2. Price changes

‘OMG £50 return to Barcelona? SO IN!’. Five minutes later: ‘£260 one way? WTF IS THIS?!’. Flights changing prices is SO annoying – and always seems to be as soon as you’ve booked the weekend off work. The top tip – always clear your cache if you’re searching for flights.

3. Getting to the airport

The worst things about travel

Definitely one of the worst things about travel for me! Walk, tube, train, terminal transfer…despite the excitement of I’M GOING ON HOLIDAY Y’ALL, I do hate the effort of actually getting to the airport. Once I’m there, I’ll happily chill with a bellini but airports are definitely more car-friendly than for us non-driving types. Constant time checking, extreme delays paranoia. So much stress. Unless you buy a bottle of prosecco for it, at least…

4. Losing my sunglasses

The worst things about travel

Seriously, I’m awful for this. On my recent USA trip, I had to buy two new pairs as I kept losing them. I think I need one of those glasses chains or something, I swear.

5. Unexpected extra payments

The worst things about travel

Recently I rocked up to a hotel in Miami that was booked and paid for. At the desk, I was asked for $17 to cover breakfast and little extras. Uh, no? I paid for the room, that’s all I want to pay for, thanks. And now I can’t afford to buy a cocktail tonight. Thanks guys. Thanks.

6.The dreaded middle seat on the plane

The worst things about travel

TFW you can’t check in online and you end up experiencing middle seat grief. No cool view, still can’t get out to go to the loo when you’re neighbour’s snoozing. What’s even the point?

7. That thing you forget to pack

For some people it’s toiletries, or a plug adaptor, or anything remotely useful. For me…well, let’s just say last time I landed in the States, I had to head to Wal-Mart for a multipack of pants pretty sharpish. Whoops.

8. Not understanding the public transport system

The worst things about travel

Rocking up to a tiny tram stop in Antwerp where there seems to be no ticket machines, but everyone else has tickets. HOW DID YOU GET THAT? Except, they don’t speak a word of English. Then you stand by the doors that don’t open. And feel like a silly foreign fool.

What are the worst things about travel for you?

*Post written in collaboration with CheapFlights. All travel fails my own.

  • Getting to the airport is always stress, doesn’t matter how many times I do it!

  • Charlie Elliott

    I always manage to convince myself that I’ve lost my passport between security and getting on the plane and that they’ll think I’m a terrorist because I somehow made it through security without a passport. Probably because one time I did actually lose it in the airport and it was found in the prosecco bar because OF COURSE.

  • Melissa Zia

    These are all so true! I always worry if I have forgot my passport or forgot to pack my favourite sandals or evening dress haha

  • Haha this is so true – I can’t remember how many times I checked for passports last time we went away. x

  • LaaLaa

    Haha, yes the passport one definitely. Even though I check I’ve got it, 5 minutes later I’m wondering where it is! x

  • reneejessome

    I’ve never been on a plane so I haven’t yet had the pleasure of experiencing most of these but I can definitely relate to forgetting to take something!! Every. single. time!

    Renee | Life After Lux

  • All of these are so true! We spend 3 days in Oslo and I still didn’t work out how the hell you buy a tram ticket.

  • Jessica Dearnley

    I agree with all them, especially forgetting my passport. My husband and I must check our bags at least ten times before we go to the airport.

  • Joanna

    All of these are so true I get so paroniod about loosing my passport.

  • Christine Dodd

    The middle seat! I hate it too. Also people who recline their seat in my face on a short flight – is there really any need!

  • I dont travel too often but I’m always absolutely petrified of losing any tickets i need! I lost a train ticket once and had an absolute heart attack at the barrier when i realised, the guy just let me go through anyway because i looked THAT panicked (or pathetic).


  • Serena Reidy

    When I went to Spain a couple of weeks ago I had to travel from my house to the airport all by myself for the first time and hope that my family would be at the airport in Spain when I arrived! It made me so anxious! I was also worried that I would lose my passport / boarding card! Fortunately, it all went really smoothly!
    Serena / http://www.ramblingsofanotherunistudent.blogspot.co.uk

  • Louise

    All the faffabout of getting to the airport is my biggest annoyance, especially if it’s on public transport. I don’t really get excited till I arrive at the airport, but I find taking public transport on the way back from holiday is the absolute worst. Nothing brings you back to reality quite like lugging a heavy suitcase on and off a train when it’s pouring down with rain! x

  • I hate middle seats on aeroplanes, I prefer having space and not having people either side of me. The fear of forgetting my passport is always real as well x

  • I always think that I have forgotten my passport and have to check it all the time. The middle seat on the plane is annoying too.

  • Such a brilliant post! Every thing is so true. I ALWAYS worry about forgetting something super important!

  • Haha! Unexpected fees are the absolute worst! I don’t mind small airports but the large ones are always such a pain to get through.

  • Hungry_Healthy_Happy

    I do the passport check about 5,000 times. it drives my husband crazy!

  • Beautyqueenuk

    Totally with you on all of these, I detest the middle seat and attempt to avoid it at all costs x

  • So so true! The dreaded middle seat in the worst!! Luckily it’s been a few years since I’ve been stuck in that position.

  • AH I hate the fear of forgetting my passport – I must check about 50 times!

  • Hannah Heartss ❄️⛄️

    I I always think I am going to forget my passport lol

  • Nayna Kanabar

    I hate the middle seat too on the aeroplane. you feel like you are wedged in between two people like a sandwich.

  • Haha! These GIFs made me laugh but I know what the anxiety is really like and it’s not nice!

  • tp keane

    ha ha ha you said what we’re all thinking. Every time.

  • fashion-mommy

    My biggest gripe is delays…when you’ve already spent all your euros…

  • Melanie Edjourian

    I always worry about the passports even though every time I pack them well in advance. It drives me nuts!

  • Hahaha! My husband keeps a folder full of our travel documents whenever we go anywhere.

  • My mummy’s biggest gripe is the overhead lockers and that they are ALWAYS full when she boards a plane! She ends up putting her tiny back 10 rows in front of her!

  • To be honest, everything for me is a travel gripe! If I could just drive everywhere I would as at least then it’s totally under my control! From your list, I agree that middle seat is just awful! x

  • Laura Haley

    Oh we all have travel fails! I usually forget a hairbrush!

  • Unexpected price hikes are so annoying. I think I must have been lucky and have never got stuck in the middle seat of doom!

  • yes to the passport! i check it every minute and get so paranoid. i even panicked thinking that i had lost it when in fact, it was in my hand haha

  • Anne

    ahahaha this is just waayyyy too accurate! For me this time it was my visa- India, 5am, thinking I’m in the right queue, being told to go into a different one, then eventually getting to the front and discovering I was in the right queue in the first place! Also, I refuse to get on the tube with a bagpack for traveling ever again omg. So much stress hehehe. I need to go out and buy showergel as that’s the thing I forgot! We brought more toilet roll than we could really carry and I forgot shower gel. Loving life!

    So much love,

    Anne // http://www.aportraitofyouth.co.uk

  • Yes to numbers 1 and 6! Also, sometimes getting to the airport can cost more than your cheap flight…

  • I can literally relate to all of these points, love it! x

    Ellé | http://www.ellesimpson.co.uk

  • Yasmin Rebecca

    I hate the changing money aspect, it’s like just give me a break! I went to a hostel once and when we got there they were like ‘did you bring bedding?’ looking at my backpack I’m like NO, ‘oh well, you have to buy bedding from our reception’. Worst hostel ever.
    Also, when you’re alone on a plane – I got seated next to a couple from Dubai to London who were scared of flying and kept talking about plane crashes and holding hands tightly – thank God for inflight movies!!

    Y x | The Sweet Seven Five