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Honestly? I’ve always been a big-time bath lover. Lazing around in a big bubbly pool with an episode of Criminal Minds on the laptop actually gives me some rare time when I’m not *doing* something. But when it comes to getting clean fast and waking my sleepy little face up in the morning, there’s nothing beating a powerful speedy shower.

I say speedy, because I shower FAST. In and out, done. Whereas baths can be long and languishing, showers are all about getting clean, getting out, and getting on with my day. People have legitimately commented on how quick I am in the shower. So basically, I’m a great person to share a hotel room with. Apparently, 14% of Brits have even brushed their teeth in the shower, so clearly I’m not alone in rushing around thanks to wanting more time in bed.

In the quest to shower as quickly and efficiently as possible, there are a few essential products that I couldn’t be without. And, just to make it even more exciting for you, I’m throwing in some fun facts from a survey by Mira about people’s showering habits. How’s about that?

Lush Rose Jam Shower Gel

SO much Lush stuff managed to appear in my life over Christmas and the new year, I’m STILL only just getting to the end of my stash. Initially, I got all gooey over my remaining Snow Fairy supplies, but after using that all up I moved on to Rose Jam – and, please don’t kill me Snow Fairy devotees, I think I actually prefer this. Rather than straight-up sweet, it’s like a floral explosion in your shower. Annoyingly, it’s limited edition and was only sold over Christmas, but if you like the scent there’s a Rose Jam Bubbleroon available all year round.

Most days I also give myself a quick scrub with Soap And Glory’s Sugar Crush Body Scrub (£8/300ml). Usually while I’m doing this, I’ll bemoan the chunkiness of my thighs and pore over the weird bruise that’s popped up on my upper arm that I have no idea about. I’m definitely not alone – apparently, 25% of Brits analyse their bods in the shower. Is that a grey hair that just fell out while I was washing out the shampoo?

Aussie Miracle Shine Shampoo

Speaking of hair washing – it’s something I actually don’t do all that often. By that, I mean, I still wash it at least twice a week so I’m not horribly gross and unwashed, but every day isn’t an option when your mane is a) thicker than Hagrid’s beard and b) dyed.

Lately I’ve strayed away from using conditioner and instead prefer a leave-in spray. Crazy, yep. However, Aussie Miracle Shine Shampoo (£4/300ml) is a must-have shower item for me, it manages to get my hair squeaky clean and shiny without leaving residue. Unlike a lot of people, I’m rarely found shower-singing – but if I was that way inclined, the shape and size of the bottle makes a perfect microphone.

Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Engergising Mask

For me, showers are pretty much reserved for mornings – or occasionally in the afternoon before going out. Which usually means I don’t have much time for excessive pampering. So this Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energising Mask* (£42/100ml) comes in pretty nifty as you only need to leave it on a few minutes for it to have its skin-rejuvenating effect. That few minutes is usually spent having a good old think – whether it’s about what needs to be done that day (like 29% of fellow citizens) or the PERFECT comeback to the argument I had…yesterday lunchtime (29% of Londoners do this, apparently).

So there you go – some insights into my watery world. What are your shower essentials?

(P.S soz for the less-than-standard picture quality. Being back to work means I haven’t had the chance to do a good photo set up. Please forgive me and enjoy my always-brilliant words instead)

  • I love having a nosey into peoples showers, LOVE that scrub!

    Sophie x

  • Gemma S

    I loooove rose jam! way less sweet and sickly than some lush products. The energising mask sounds great, just what you need for a morning boost.

    • Definitely! I love the super sweet stuff, but prefer it in the evenings rather than mornings.

  • I’m not particularly quick in the shower. I like my water hot, which means once I’m in I don’t want to step out again. I spend ages with a sponge, washing my bits with a good shower gel or oil. One of my all-time favourites is L’Occitane Almond. Such a gorgeous fragrance. I adore rose fragrances too, though, so I do like the sound of the Lush Rose Jam. Tx

    • Oh yeah – when my bathroom’s freezing in winter so I definitely have issues hopping out of the shower afterwards!

  • Madeeha

    Loved your picks. I really enjoy using body scrub and I take my time with it ;P

  • I love Jāsön Smoothing Coconut Bodywash and the Body Lotion afterwards for really dry skin areas. Also my KMS Moist Repair shampoo and conditioner (along with the body wash all in big pump bottles). I’ve been finishing up after a shower with Pecksniff’s Balancing Body Oil – nice and light, but locks moisture in.

    Keely |