Ladies Love Beer at Neighbourhood, East Village

Here’s a fact for you. There are over 800 breweries in the UK, and only 2% of brewers are women. As the females of the species, beer-drinking has become a lot more popular with women over the past decade. But I’ve still been to bars with male friends who order a spirit and mixer while I order a beer, and the well-meaning but clueless bartender STILL pops the vodka and coke in front of me and the beer in front of my male companion.

Which is why I was really excited to be invited along to a ‘Ladies Love Beer’ evening with Beer Sommelier Cheryl Cade, who looks after the Foreign and Bottled Beer Bar at Norwich Beer Festival. Plus, the venue, Neighbourhood in East Village, Stratford, is only a couple of tube stops from my house, which made it v. handy to get to. Apart from severe delays on the Central line. Cheers TFL.

Ladies Love Beer Pina Colada Cocktail

Proceedings kicked off with a cocktail, aka how all proceedings of any kind should definitely kick off. This one was a bit different to the usual though, as we sipped on a Pina Colada-inspired beer cocktail. Yep. I talked beer cocktails not that long ago with a House of Peroni Cocktail Masterclass, and they’re something I can totally get on board with. Especially when they’re this tasty-looking.

A traditional Mexican beer cocktail, if you’d thrown this into my hand in a bar without telling me it had beer in, I wouldn’t have guessed. It was very light, refreshing and easy to drink, with summery coconut vibes almost making me forget I was in East London. Holiday drink perfection.

Ladies Love Beer Craft Beer Flavour WheelLadies Love Beer Tasting

First up, we used a variety of popcorn flavours to work out the best kinds of pairing. The popcorn arrived in three flavours – the Neighbourhood house popcorn which was maple flavoured, a bacon seasoned popcorn and a chilli popcorn. We tried different ways of combining the popcorn and two lagers – eating then drinking, or sipping when there was already some popcorn in our mouths.

Cheryl told us that hops accentuate heat in food – so if you’re having a curry, a pale ale is actually a better option than a hop-heavy lager. The ones we tried out were the Krusovice, which Neighbourhood have in HUGE kegs above the bar area, and an unfiltered lager. We chatted about the ways in which drink can work with food – be it complementing through similar tastes, contrasts that bring out different flavours from the food, or cutting – cleaning the mouth and cleansing the palate. FYI, more carbonated beers are really good for palate cleansing. When you’ve got wine with your meal, you end up with layers of flavour, unlike carbonated lagers. Now ya know.

Neighbourhood East Village skewersNeighbourhood East Village Beer Pairing

After we’d snacked on all the popcorn and finished our lagers, the next course was a plate of skewers served up from the Neighbourhood kitchen – lamb, chicken and halloumi.

We also found out that male hops are much fattier than female ones – in fact, the only country that regularly uses them in brewing is Britain. There’s actually a law in Belgium that a male hop can’t be planted within 5m of a female one – how’s that for girl power in the hop world?!

Neighbourhood East Village dessertsNeighbourhood East Village Strawberry chocolate brownie dessert

For our final tasting, Neighbourhood served up a trio of their desserts – a chocolate brownie and strawberry sundae, raspberry Eton Mess and a Kahlua coffee. To go with dessert, we tried a banana-based beer which went AMAZINGLY with the meringue – the creaminess brought out the banana flavour amazingly.

It turns out that women actually have a strong place in the history of brewing – dating back to the middle ages, where women brewed at home and were referred to as ‘brewsters’ – the female version of brewers. One woman in particular who made a huge impact on brewing was Saint Hildegard of Bingen, whose work in the early 1100s informed botanical and medicinal work for decades to follow.

Neighbourhood East Village bar

Neighbourhood East Village is a really nice little space, with a real community vibe and loads of seating, great beers and an interesting food menu. I definitely want to hop over on a sunny afternoon and grab a bite to eat there, as the big glass windows and stylish furniture make for an airy, welcoming place to hang out.

I had the best time learning about beer and food from Cheryl, and definitely learnt some things I didn’t know about women and the brewing industry

52-54 Celebration Ave, London E20 1DB
020 8221 0329

  • Charlie Elliott

    I loooooove me a beer. I’ve done a few brewery tours and even some of them are still surprised when I’m necking an ale with sheer glee!

    • Beer is awesome – I love brewery tours too!

  • Love this post! Not a huge fan of beer myself but if it’s in a cocktail then I’ll definitely give it a go!

    • Thanks! I’m always up for a cocktail!

  • This post was really interesting, just been reading some of the facts out to my boyfriend who’s a huge ale fan and dabbles in home brewing himself! The sound of a pina colada beer cocktail is my idea of heaven. P.S the photography in this post is amazing
    Amelia | ameliamaryx

    • Home brewing sounds awesome! And thankyou 🙂 Good lighting really helped!

  • I really enjoyed reading this post and learning a bit more about beer. I love a good beer, but don’t drink it very often so really like the idea of a beer tasting. Looks like a really fun evening, and oh my those desserts!

    • The tasting was fantastic – especially the cocktail, and the desserts were just AMAZING!

  • Naomi

    Not a beer fan I have to say but the food looks amazing! Give me a good cocktail and i’m happy.

    • The food was wonderful – such a lovely little place!

  • sarah Lea

    I’m not a beer fan but a Mexican beer cocktail sounds quite intriguing. The food looks AMAZING! It looks and sounds like a fab time was had 🙂

  • Oh wow this place sounds amazing it’s only a few stops from me too. I’m not a huge fan of the standard beers but I do love a flavoured one and I Interesting flavours – I’m Defo gonna try it out over the summer X

  • As a female craft beer drinker (I also have a beer blog over at, it’s always good to see more events showcasing beer to different audiences – especially as beer isn’t just generic fizzy lager and not many people are that willing to try new things!

  • Noting it down!! 🙂 Love England for the variety of beer flavours, just had a flat white beer this past week 😀
    PS: hope you had an amazing time in my hometown of HH….
    xx finja |