Sugar Dumplin Pop-Up Rum Shack

Picture the scene. It’s early Thursday evening. The sun is shining, you’re sipping on a big ol’ glass of fruity rum punch with the smell of delicious BBQed meat in and the sound of steel drums floating through the air. The Carribean breeze calls, and paradise surrounds you.

Well. Sort of. Unfortunately, I didn’t actually head off for a surprise getaway filled with sand, sea and sun last week – but I managed to get pretty much as close as you can come when you’ve just left work in the heart of central London. Those fine folks at Sugar Dumplin invited me and some of the girls down to Soho Square try out their menu and have a bit of a #ThirstyThursday party with them to celebrate their street food truck, which’ll be popping up around London over the summer.

Sugar Dumplin Old J Spiced RumSugar Dumplin Old J Rum Glass

We were greeted with an Old J Spiced Rum punch, which was definitely a very punchy punch indeed. I’m not 100% sure what was in it, beyond some Old J and fruit juices, but any rum punch is usually good rum punch by my book. The word ‘punch’ looks kinda funny now I’ve typed it a lot.

Anyway, I had two and felt pretty lively, for sure.

I also tried out some of the individual rums with a Ting mixer. For the purposes of research, obviously. The cherry was by far my fave – with the lemon-y goodness of the Ting, it was super sweet but still with a bit of sharpness from the cherry. It basically made me want to wiggle-dance around the room to the sweet-ass sounds of steel drums in my thick black tights and broken trainers like I was on a beach in Barbados. YUM.

On a more sitting-still based note, I absolutely love the Old J bottles too – if you’re the kinda person that keeps cool bottles as house decor (I *may* have been known to do this), they’d look awesome on a shelf/mantelpiece/Instagram picture.

Sugar Dumplin Caribbean Restaurant London Sugar Dumplin Caribbean Food London Restaurant

FEEDING TIME. Cooked up on a BBQ outside, we got to sample some of Sugar Dumplin’s main menu delights. ‘Delights’ being exactly the correct word for them. YUM.

The Curry Goat was definitely my favourite dish of the evening – slow cooked, off the bone and absolutely delicious. We were served it with a hearty helping of rice, as well as a selection of salads and spicy sauces – plus, of course, a sprinkle of coriander. I’d definitely order this on a Sugar Dumplin visit – the meat was really tender, beautifully cooked and I certainly didn’t go up for a second helping. Nope, definitely not*.

I also tried out the Butternut Squash and Chickpea Creole – which is gluten free AND suitable for vegans. And really tasty too! All the dishes were totally on point with their spices and flavours, and it all just had a very ‘home cooked with love’ kinda vibe. Sugar Dumplin’ food’n’drink is basically just a whole lotta sunshine and holidays and happiness and I’m totally cool with all of that.

If you wanna get your face round some of the fabulous Caribbean tastes of Sugar Dumplin, keep an eye out for their pop-up truck appearing around London. Think rooftop cinemas and sporting events, plus lots more. Details are yet to be finalised, but keep an eye on their Twitter to find out where they’re off to next (and I’ll update here with all the deets once I get my hands on ’em too).

(Oh, and Sugar Dumplin’ have some great expansion plans when summer’s done with too. Watch this space…!)

Sugar Dumplin London Caribbean Restaurant

*Okay, I totally did.
*I was invited along to the launch, all opinions my own as always.

  • I am loving slow cooked meals, especially when they are prepared on a BBQ and have slightly smoky finish

    • Same – these were delicious!

  • Gregg Peart

    It all sounds amazing,and the old J would be the perfect accompaniment! We love the labels too, and make funky lamps out of empty bottle

    • Ahhh that’s so cool! Need to have a go at that myself, love this idea!

  • helen bunn

    I love the gin sipping just for research bit haha! That food looks incredible, makes my mouth water lol!

    • I am nothing if not dedicated to my research…!

  • Such a yummy event! That butternut squash was on point.

  • fashion-mommy

    Wow, the food looks brilliant, so rustic and filling. Would love to try this place.

    • Definitely keep a look out for the pop-up truck!