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Not so long ago, Red Letter Days got in touch and asked me to blog about a favourite shared memory with my parents. And, quite honestly, there are quite a lot. Luckily, I have a pretty recent one to share of a fun day out, some lovely theatre and tasty food. Aren’t they the best kinda days?

I love it when my parents come down to London. And not just because they usually buy me lunch. I was probably more than a little argumentative towards my mum and dad as a teenager, but as I’ve grown up, I’ve grown to really appreciate them and enjoy their company a lot. They’re both completely selfless towards both us kids, as well as having ridiculous (sometimes dreadful) senses of humour, and they’ve taught me a hell of a lot about being awesome, because they’re pretty good at it themselves. (Hi Mum. Tissues are where you normally keep them if this unexpected affection gets you all teary).

Anyhow, soppy bits done, they both love coming to London too. I hope it’s to see me, but I think it’s also because they enjoy a good theatre show. We’ve seen West Side Story, they’ve seen Jersey Boys, and last year my Mum mentioned wanting to catch Matilda The Musical at the Cambridge Theatre. Being the brilliant daughter that I am, come Christmas Day, an envelope under the tree was opened containing a pair of tickets to Matilda. Although, one was for me, sorry Dad. And the whole day was definitely one of my favourite shared memories with my parents.

(N.B I don’t have the best quality pictures from this day as I was a proper dafty and left my camera at home. Whoops. But sharing something great is far more important than glossy, editorial photos, hands down. And this day out was definitely great.)

Matilda The Musical Pose 2

Fast forward to last weekend, M&D turned up at my flat with lunch in hand. Mum wanted to try out her new car-battery-powered coolbox apparently. Food to my door? No complaints at all. After scoffing some sausage rolls and pork pies (parents do THE BEST packed lunches), the three of us headed into central to the theatre. We left Dad with his printed map in hand to go city exploring and peoplewatching, and moseyed on into Cambridge Theatre. After taking some silly Matilda pose photos, obviously.

We were sat at the very back of the stalls – I’d initally had my cheapskate head on and looked at the cheapest circle seats – but when I checked out views on trusty SeatPlan, I realised I’d rather pay a bit more for a better view. We ended up with a cracking one – plus, it worked out that the seats either side of us were both empty. I’d take offence that no one wanted to sit with us, but it was quite nice to have the space, really.

Matilda the Musical Set

The set was incredibly detailed – with alphabet building blocks surrounding it, clearly a lot of effort had gone into it. After a quick chat and a visit to the bar, it was SHOWTIME. And I loved it.

Normally I’m not a lover of singing children. That’s the main reason I avoid Britain’s Got Talent. However, the child performers in Matilda were phenomenally talented more energetic than a bag full of jumping beans, easily competing with the adult cast members. The young actress playing Matilda gave a stunning performance, oozing sass beyond her years and a cheeky, devilish charm.

Unsurprisingly, due to the fact that Tim Minchin had a big hand in creating the musical, there were some fantastic songs in the show. The whole thing was visually impressive, with creative set choices and humorous characterisation – particularly noticeable with the Wormwood parents and Matilda’s brother (who definitely reminded me of ‘Kevin The Teenager’, if you remember those good old days).

Mum and Dad yay

After the show, we found my Dad watching the world go by from the middle of a roundabout (and giggled a lot at us being creeps and taking pictures without him knowing). Hopping on the tube to Green Park, our meal for the evening came in the form of a competition win from The Punchbowl in Mayfair – click to read the full scoop on that one.

What’s been your best memory with your parents? And don’t forget to check out the other bloggers’ memories via the Red Letter Day blog!

*I received an experience gift in exchange for featuring Red Letter Days in this post – but it was going to be written anyway! Plus, I genuinely do love their experience days – having actually bought a theatre one from them for my parents in the past!

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